Architects and Developers

Lakes Garage Doors can offer their services to Architects and Developers. Whether it is the simple things which help keep costs down, such as advice on standard sizes, or you need technical information about suitable materials for cladding bespoke doors. Tell us what you want to achieve and we can give you the options.

If you are planning a new build or developing a property, would like a blend of design elements to include the garage doors, entrance doors or the gates, let us know. We can help. It could be a something small such as a special colour or stain that needs to be matched. Maybe something more complex like a specific timber or moulding. Most things can be accommodated.

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For Architects and Developers planning a project, whether new build or renovation, the doors below will be of interest:

Silvelox Overlap

This is our preferred product for timber doors, particularly large or heavy ones. The Overlap is a completely new concept in garage door design and is categorisedSilvelox Garage Doors Cheshire as a trackless sectional garage door. This brilliant design, has no horizontal tracks inside the garage, even on a 5m wide door. There is no visible motor either, it is is built into the head rail of the door. As with any garage door range there is a selection of standard designs. There is also the option to have a bespoke design. The doors are constructed of 2 leaves made from 75mm thick Multi-ecowood hardwood boards. This type of construction creates not only a very secure door, but also a highly insulating one, with thermal transmittance as low as U=1W/m2K. These doors will interest many architects and developers View the Overlap range

Silvelox Entrance Doors

These entrance doors perform as well as they look, attention to detail is serious. These are not a solid wood door, they are a wood faced high security steel doorSilvelox Ritz Matrix 2 in Oak available in either class 3 or 4 security. The range of options on Silvelox entrance doors is vast. They offer a great choice to architects and developers. You can pick a standard design straight out the brochure, have one of the standard designs altered to suit your project or, have your own design from scratch. Side and transom elements are also available and will come with the same level of security as the door itself. View the Silvelox front door range

Silvelox W_Concept

Silvelox Ritz Random OpenW_Concept is the bringing together of Silvelox front doors and garage doors with external cladding to make a complete architectural façade system. The benefit of this is that we are able to work with you to provide cladding and design elements over the whole project to give continuity of design. To add a finishing touch, lighting can also be incorporated into W_Concept.

Aluminium Entrance Doors

Our range of luxury quality aluminium front doors from Groke are some of the most advanced doors available. 92mm thick insulation and biometric finger print readers are just some of the options on these German designed and manufactured doors. There is a huge choice of designs available and a massive range of options within each design. If you are working on a projectGroke 12680 standard which requires a very high level of insulation such as a Passivhaus, of particular importance to architects and developers, then we would recommend this product. They are also a great match for sectional garage doors, (see below). View our aluminium front doors

Open For Infill Garage Doors

Oak Garage DoorsAn open for infill garage door (OFI) is a type of up and over garage door where the leaf is open and has only the elements ready to accept cladding or ‘infill’ of your choice. This system provides the most cost effective way to have a custom or bespoke garage door. There are limits in terms of weight with this type of door so please contact us before specifying this type of product if you are considering having it clad with a heavy material e.g. oak. View our Novoferm OFI garage doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Our best selling product. Sectional garage doors are cost effective, insulating, and come in a wide range of designs, styles and materials. As well as our standardL-Door Nature Line STL Ayous range of sectional doors we are also able to offer the Hormann ALR door. This door has been designed for on-site cladding to make up part of a façade. Unlike the up and over OFI doors this sectional door is able to accept much heavier weights of material. Materials such as hardwoods become more viable choice. A limitation with this product is that the cladding requires horizontal breaks for the sections. This can make vertical designs problematic. View sectional garage doors