There seems very little archived history of the Groke Company. Whether the history has been lost in recent mergers and takeovers we do not know. The little we do know tells us that Groke has been manufacturing doors and metal components since 1898 in Karlsruhe, Germany, where they remain to this day. Groke is now a subsidiary of Sommer Group which mainly manufactures garage door, gate automation and wireless control systems at the Sommer headquarters at Kirkheim Teck, Germany. Lakes Garage Doors is a proud distributor of Groke Entrance Doors for Sommer UK, as well as being a distributor for their automation equipment. The Products The Groke Entrance Door is probably the highest specification entrance door available. The doors meet the exacting product standard of EN 14351-1 for external doors. This standard applies throughout Europe and is ratified by an approved, independent test institute. The thermal efficiency of these doors meet the highest standards and will meet all modern planning requirements and beyond. The doors have very low U values for all parts; panel, glazing and frames. The lower the U value the higher the thermal efficiency. There are no thermal bridges at any points in the doors. The seals around the frame and door leaf, as well as those on the threshold completely eliminate draughts. This thermal design also gives excellent sound insulation. There are 86 different designs from which to choose. These are divided into three main styles; Modern, Timeless and Classic. Also to choose from are four different leaf designs and thicknesses and two different frame designs. The locks, hinges and general construction of the door are designed to offer the ultimate in security with three point locking as a basic. The many technical features of the doors are too numerous to describe here. Please look at the individual Groke Doors on this site or request a brochure. ...More

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Groke 12960 Front Door

A deep grooving effect and a large stainless steel panel give the Groke 12960 an ultra modern...

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Groke 12920 Front Door

The exclusive Groke 12920 uses simple grooving and sandblasting to create a look of class on...

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Groke 12910 Front Door

Dark glazing, stainless steel panels and horizontal grooves give the Groke 12910 an ultra-modern...

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Groke 12870 Front Door

The gentle sweeping arch of the Groke 12870 gives this contemporary front door a softer look. Groke...

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Groke 12690 Front Door

The horizontal ribs with stainless steel embellishments make the Groke 12690 an impressive...

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Groke 12541 Front Door

The Narrow glazed panel of the Groke 12541 creates a simple and elegant front door that performs...

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Groke 12540 Front Door

The simple modern design of the Groke 12540 will sit comfortably on any contemporary property. Designed...

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Groke 12290 Front Door

A combination of grooves and sandblasting give the Groke 12290 a modern look that works well...

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Groke 12680 Front Door

Clean horizontal and vertical grooves give the high specification Groke 12680 aluminium front...

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