Bespoke Garage Doors

The term, ‘Bespoke Garage Doors’, can mean one of two things: 1. A garage door which is available in standard sizes but can be made to measure 2. A door which has been designed specifically for an application. This is the meaning when Lakes Garage Doors refer to Bespoke Garage Doors and is what we are discussing here. Often the preferred option of architects when designing doors for exclusive properties, the bespoke garage door offers the possibility of blending the door into the building where a door from a manufacturer’s catalogue might at best be a compromise. More often though; the, ‘off the shelf’, door can be an unwanted contrast to the rest of the property. Lakes Garage Doors have, in recent years, had manufactured and then installed a number of timber bespoke garage doors. These have mainly been up and over. The two main methods of construction for these up and over doors has been • The construction of the entire leaf in timber. Onto this leaf we attach the garage door lifting gear, the lifting arms brackets, wheels and weather strips. A timber frame is fitted in the opening and the door is hung, the tracks and counterbalance springs are then fitted in the frame. The door can be opened manually but, without exception, these doors are fitted with electric operators. • An OFI or Open For Infill frame and sub-frame are used. The ones used by us are manufactured by Novoferm at a factory in France. The OFI is a complete pre-framed up and over garage door except for the inner frame which is, as the name suggests, left open for an infill, usually of timber, in a pattern and material specified by the architect. Some of the smaller manufacturers offer a bespoke service for unique garage doors. There is Cedar Door, who can offer up and over, side hinged and sectional, and Silvelox, who have up and over, sectional and entrance doors. Both of these manufacturers offer much skill and expertise in the manufacture of bespoke garage doors. Take time to look at some of our case studies featuring bespoke garage doors. ...More

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