Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors also known as roller shutter garage doors are a fantastic solution if you’re looking to use the roof space of your garage, perhaps for storage. Roller garage doors offer a neat and compact solution and some models require as little as 205mm of headroom. Additionally, they provide a fantastic solution if you have a short driveway as you can part right up to the door and still open it due to the fact that it rises vertically as opposed to swinging out like other forms of door. The only real limitation with a roller shutter door is design, because of how they work the design of the door is limited to a narrow horizontal ribbed effect. If you are looking for something with a wider rib or a Georgian panel style door then sectional garage doors would be the way to go. Lakes Garage Doors are proud to offer two different types of roller garage doors in the form of insulated and un-insulated models, with the differences between the two types not simply being limited to insulation. Insulated roller garage doors These is what most people think of when they think of a roller door. Insulated rollers are made up of double skin aluminium foam filled slats that hinge together to make what’s called the door ‘curtain’. This type of door is almost always automated (though there is a manual door available from SeceuroGlide) and the motor fits on most doors neatly inside the axel of the door so that it cannot be seen. The motor is controlled by the wall control unit which comes with control buttons on the outside and a courtesy light which is activated when the door is operated then turns its self off a minute or so later. Insulated roller garage doors are available with two types of finish – a tough polyester paint finish or a foil laminate finish. Both of these finishes are available in either a solid colour or a wood effect finish. Zero headroom solution – ideally a roller garage door would be fitted behind the reveals and lintel inside the garage however sometimes this is not possible if there is no headroom or it is critical to maximise the depth inside the garage. In this case the door can be externally fitted to the front of the garage. Single skin steel roller garage doors (un-insulated) Single skin roller doors are a lower cost option than insulated roller doors they are also a great alternative to up and over garage doors. Rather than being made up of individual slats they made of a continuous sheet of corrugated steel. The surface finish is the extremely tough and durable HP200 also known as Plastisol which comes in a range of colours, wood effect finishes are also available. Unlike insulated roller doors single skin doors come as standard as manual doors, they can be automated at the time of installation or retrospectively. If automating at the time of installation although slightly more expensive it is a better value option to choose an insulated roller garage door. ...More

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