Cedar wood. Cedar wood has been used in the manufacture of garage doors for decades. When you consider the attributes of cedar, this is no surprise. Take for instance the durability of the wood. The wood can easily last 40 or more years with little maintenance other than treatment periodically with a preservative or stain. The wood has natural oils which act as preservatives against decay and insect attack. It is a stable wood and remains straight and flat. The limiting factor in the life of a cedar garage door is not usually the wood but steel framework or the lifting gear. We at Lakes Garage Doors have removed cedar garage doors for replacement and often found that the timber panel is in good condition. The problem has been with other components. This wood is light in weight compared to other materials so does not require such heavy counterbalance springs. It is a very attractive timber. The variations in the warm colours give the garage doors a classy look that enhances any property. The grain is fine but highly visible due to the colour variations Cedar will accept any stain. The wood can be stained to mimic other woods quite easily. The cellular structure of cedar makes the wood a good insulator. This makes cedar a very good material for timber sectional doors. All the cedar used in garage doors in the UK is Western Red Cedar and grows in the Pacific coastal forests of USA and Canada. Some of the cedar does come from the drier interior forests of Montana, Idaho, Washington and British Columbia. These forests are predominantly, managed cedar plantations. Cedar in natural forests grows amongst many other species of tree. The managed plantation of cedar trees, Latin name Thuja Plicata, ensure that all the wood is from sustainable resources and have FSC Chain of Custody Certification. Lakes Garage Doors supply or supply and install cedar wooden doors from all the major manufacturers: Garador, Novoferm, Cedar Door and Cardale. ...More

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Novoferm Vertical

With craftsman quality the Novoferm Timber Vertical garage door is the natural choice. The...

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Novoferm Thame

The cedar wood richness and the stylish elegance of the Thame Garage Door will compliment any...

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Novoferm Henley

The Novoferm Henley Garage Door with its stunning appearance would look well on any traditional...

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Novoferm Horizontal

The Novoferm Horizontal garage door is a combination of natural warmth and beauty. Made...

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Cedar Door Wessington Side Hinged

The Cedar Door Wessington side hinged is a classic understated design that suits most properties. The...

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Cedar Door Edale Side Hinged

The Cedar Door Edale Side Hinged is possibly the most traditional of all our garage doors,...

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Cedar Door Buxton Side Hinged

Cedar Door Buxton side hinged has a traditional chevron design that will suit properties both...

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Cedar Door Belper Side Hinged

Traditional solid timber panels make the Cedar Door Belper Side Hinged a door of great character. The...

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Cedar Door Chatsworth Side Hinged

The vertical recessed panel design of the Cedar Door Chatsworth side hinged is a classic which...

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