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Garage Door Springs Buyer's Guide

Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs are one of the most likely parts to break on your garage doors. The job of the springs is to balance the door and a properly fitted set of springs should make the door as easy to open as it is to close.

All of the springs we have in our online shop are for up and over retractable doors. Canopy type doors have many different sizes of springs; if you need a spring for a canopy door please contact us.

Single Spring Doors

A single spring door is a garage door that has 1 spring on either side of the door. Single spring doors are most commonly doors that would now be 10 years or older. Often by the time the spring has come to break the anchor pins are also very worn. An anchor pin is the part that connects the spring to the lifting or link arm.

For your safety, we always recommend that both garage door springs and anchor pins are replaced at the same time. When one has gone the rest will not be far behind!

Multi Spring Doors

A multi spring door is a garage door that has 2 or more springs on either side of the door. The idea of a multi spring garage door is that if a spring breaks whilst the door is in motion it’s less likely to come crashing down. The springs will most likely break one at a time but again, for safety reasons, we recommend that you always replace all your garage door springs at the same time.

Purchasing Your New Garage Door Springs

Before placing an order for your new garage door springs it’s very important to make sure you’re buying the right ones as just a small difference in wire diameter or length could make a big difference to the operation of your door.

When measuring for your garage door springs be sure to note the following:

  • The make and model of your door
  • The length of your old springs excluding the hooks
  • The diameter of your old springs
  • The number of coils your old spring has
  • The colour of any paint on your old springs

You should now be ready to order your new set of garage door springs. We have Henderson springs, Cardale springs and Wessex springs ready for dispatch.