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Garage Doors Buyer's Guide

How to enhance the value of your home

When choosing a garage door for you home it’s very important to get the right one for your home. Garage doors are usually by far the largest moving part of the home and something that for many people can get as much use as the front door.

Garage doors often form a large part of the front of the house and if this is true for your home then it is essential to get the right door for your property. A survey in the US showed that a new garage door definitely increases curb appeal and can increase the value of the property by up to 1% - 4%. So on a £200 000 property a new door could be increasing the value of your home by £2000 - £8000. This is a fantastic return on investment.

In order to maximize this return on investment you need to choose the right door. There are both practical and aesthetic implications to consider. First let’s look at the aesthetics:


By far the most popular material for garage doors is steel. Steel is used to make up and over doors garage doors, side hinged garage doors, sectional garage doors, and single skin roller garage doors. Steel garage doors are generally strong & secure and come in both panelled and ribbed. Many steel doors are now available in foil finishes such as Golden Oak and Rosewood finishes designed to match in with upvc windows with the same finishes.

Timber garage doors can look great on both traditional and modern properties. The best type of timber for garage doors is cedar. Cedar garage doors are relatively light and cedar doesn’t really rot. Cedar doors can be stained or painted to a variety of finishes. Up and over garage doors can be made from cedar and/or marine ply. Sectional garage doors are available in Nordic pine and cedar. Cedar garage doors come in panelled and boarded designs.

Aluminium garage doors are now only available as roller garage doors. The slats on roller garage doors form a horizontal ribbing effect and generally look best on more modern houses. Aluminium doors are also used as front entrance doors. We can supply Groke aluminium doors. Aluminium roller garage doors and aluminium front doors are also available in foil finishes to match in with foil finish upvc windows.

GRP or fibreglass garage doors can often work well for properties on the coast where steel will certainly corrode. Other places where GRP can be popular are where people want to gain the look of timber garage doors but without having the bother of the maintenance they require.

PVC garage doors are specifically designed to match in with white upvc windows. There is currently only one PVC garage door available on the UK market. The door is called the Sherbourne and is manufactured by Garador. The Garador Sherbourne features a panelled design and works well with panelled upvc front entrance doors.

Panelled or ribbed?

This very much depends on the style of your house. Panelled garage doors can be well suited to traditionally styled houses. There is a large variety of different panelled designs to choose from and doors to suit every budget. Our cheapest panelled garage doors are the Garador Beaumont, Georgian and Cathedral starting from just £360 + VAT & delivery.

Ribbed garage doors can look great on any property but can particularly enhance modern looking properties. Generally the larger the ribbing the better it will look on more modern homes. If you’re looking for something ultra modern then sectional garage doors are a good place to start looking. The Novoferm ISO45 Flush looks fantastic on contemporary properties with its broad uncluttered look.

What finish?

If you have foil finish windows there are now up and over garage doors, sectional garage doors and roller garage doors available in the same finishes to match in perfectly.

The obvious and safest choices for most people are white or brown but being a little more bold can give your home distinction and add a really quality feel when done right. Coloured doors are also not always more expensive, Garage Door Systems and SWS both offer a range of different colours for their roller garage doors as a no cost option.

Now lets look at how the practically of a new garage door could help increase the value on curb appeal of your home.

One of the most common reasons for people replacing perfectly good garage doors is that the opening is too narrow to get their car through. Most single width garage doors in the UK are 7’ x 6’6” – too narrow for most modern cars and too low for many 4x4 vehicles. A larger door can often be fitted by fitting the door behind the reveal rather than between, making full use of the whole opening. This could then achieve a full opening of 7’ 6” x 6’9”.
Another thing to consider is the length of your driveway, if your driveway is relatively short then an up & over door that swings out can make it awkward to get in and out of the garage when a car is on the driveway. A vertically rising door such as a sectional garage door or roller garage door can solve this.