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Garage Doors Preston

PrestonLakes Garage Doors are the leading supplier and installer of garage doors for all of the major garage door manufacturers. We install in areas such as North Lancasire, Cumbria, Preston, Flyde and Lancaster. We have a well established name and enjoy a good reputation in the sales and installation of garage doors. We operate from Garstang. Welcome to our website. To browse the site just click on any of the categories on the left.


UP & OVER: They are the most common doors and are used widely and these can be operated either manually or automatically.

SECTIONAL: These doors open vertically so are perfect when there is enough space in front of the garage. It has series of hinged horizontal panels that lift up and lie parallel with the ceiling of the garage when the door opens.

ROLLER: This type of door requires a headroom inside the garage above the door opening.

INDUSTRIAL: These types of doors can be fitted manually as well as automatically and can be used for commercial and industrial purposes.

SLIDING: These doors are made up of vertical slats that open up horizontally.


The Garage doors of Preston are very popular and in great demand in the local market of London as they are designed aesthetically and not only add style and beauty to the doors but also make them safe and convenient. The safety element of the garage door is given the top priority so the motorized systems which are fitted in the doors automatically stop if they accidentally come into the contact with any obstruction so as to prevent any damage or injury. The automatic opener systems installed with the garage doors provide the convenience of opening the door from the comfort of your car and not having the hassle of getting out of the car especially when in a hurry to get in or out of the garage. Even when coming home, it may be cold, wet and windy; you may be stressed and wants to get into the comfort of your home. It is nice to be able to open your garage door by remote control.


Garage doors have unique combination of security system, lighting and manual assistance. The security system is very unique as the radio signals which are used to communicate between the handset and the motor for opening the garage are encoded with millions of possible combinations so that no one can break the code. The automation system in the door come with built in lights which is switched on when the door opens and also when there is a power failure then it is equipped with with manual override or backup battery.

Garage doors are not only may be beautiful but add style and comfort to the house. Since the Garages are in front of the house so it becomes significantly important that the doors are strong and have the most advanced technology in security and safety and also easy to use and maintain.