The Beauty Of Bespoke Gates

Your front gate is a very important part of your property. It creates that vital first impression for both wanted and unwanted visitors alike. By choosing the right gate, you’ll make the right impression every time.

The right gate, however, is unlikely to be a stock item which suits everyone, which is why at Lakes Garage Doors we only offer bespoke Gatetec automatic gates – built to order, just for you.

Where some gate companies provide a limited number of standard sizes, forcing you to build large posts or extend your fence to meet the gates, we have no set sizes. You provide us with exactly the measurements you require, and we have the gates manufactured locally from wrought iron to your exact specifications.

There is equal flexibility in the design. While we offer a range of stylish options, if they are not quite to your taste you can choose to remove elements and combine aspects of different gates to create exactly the look you want to best complement your property. You can even submit your own design to us, and we will work with you in order to turn it into reality. Once made, the gates are galvanised and wet sprayed black, and we can have additional touches like gold railheads applied for you.

You can also choose from a variety of different automation options; whether you choose swing gates or sliding ones, and whether you choose to mount them on stone pillars or steel posts, we have options to suit. These are covered in depth in our Automatic Gates Buyer’s Guide.

Bespoke gates also allow for easy adaptation to the landscape. Where a standard gate might scrape on a sloped driveway, your bespoke gate can be designed with exactly the right clearance so that it will never be a struggle to open.

The beauty of bespoke gates is that they can be customised to be an absolutely perfect match for your property. With a perfect fit, a design to suit your tastes, and a range of automation options, your bespoke gate will be a bastion of strength and security as well as showing off your style to the street, so contact us for a quote today.