Teckentrup Carteck Carteck is the domestic brand of the Teckentrup range of domestic and industrial garage doors. At the premises in Warrington they receive, from the German factory, the component parts of the various garage doors and produce, in a kit form, the complete garage doors to order. The History The Teckentrup story commenced with the opening of a small engineering workshop in the town of Gutersloh in Germany in 1932. It was not until 1960 that the inspirational decision was made to go into the manufacture and production of doors and frames, a rapidly growing market. Accelerated growth saw the relocation of the company to new, larger premises in Verl. Involvement in the security sector meant that they soon became the leading supplier of fire barriers. So it was that a once small engineering workshop became a medium sized industrial company. At that time, the main areas of expertise were in: smoke protection, security, heat insulation, and industrial doors. They also produced path bound transport systems. This has resulted in Teckentrup being associated with comprehensive solutions by architects, builders and end users. Upon reunification of Germany in 1990 the company had the foresight to open a production facility in the East German town of Grosszerberitz. The state of the art production machinery helped reduce delivery times. Quality was also improved. At the commencement of the new millennium, a brand new 12,800 sqm production hall was built alongside the company headquarters in Verl. This modern hi-tech facility is used to produce roller shutters and sectional garage doors for domestic and industrial use throughout Europe. The Company continued to refine its processes and has built up to approximately 850 highly skilled and qualified workers. The use of CAD technology, CNC systems housed within modern offices has made for an efficient organisation. The pillars of this company, still family owned, is the close knit network of sales companies one of which is Carteck in the UK. The Products Sectional Garage Doors The sectional is far and away the biggest seller in the Carteck range. The GSW 40 is a 40mm thick insulated steel door. It is available in four different styles: unribbed, half rib, ribbed and Georgian. As well as the styles, the doors are also available with different surface finishes: smooth, woodgrain, stippled and micro profile. In addition to the 4 surface finishes; Carteck also produce the plastic laminate wood effect finishes similar to those used on plastic windows. The basic colour is white, however; Carteck has a range of fifteen standard colours and as a further option, will produce any RAL or colour which can be matched. Side Hinged Garage Doors Carteck have adapted the GSW40 panel to produce an insulated side hinged door and frame set. This door is unique in the UK and has proved very popular with Lakes Garage Doors customers. Ideal for use by people who have no intention of parking a car in their garage this door is ideal for conversion of the garage to a workshop or hobby room. Electric Garage Door Operators Sourced in Europe from another major manufacturer, the Carteck operator is an excellent, sophisticated unit which is available in various sizes to suit the garage door application. ...More

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Carteck Supersize Georgian

The classic looking Carteck Supersize Georgian is specially designed for extra large garages...

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Carteck Supersize Unribbed

Carteck Supersize Unribbed is specially designed for extra large garage openings over 5.5m...

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Carteck Supersize Standard Rib

Carteck Supersize Standard Rib is specially designed for extra large garage openings up to...

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Carteck GSW 40-L Unribbed

GSW 40-L Unribbed is a totally flat panel which gives a clean and understated look to any modern...

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Carteck Ribbed Horizontal

Carteck Ribbed Horizontal side hinged garage door offers the ideal solution to those using...

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Carteck Ribbed Vertical

Carteck Ribbed Vertical is the ideal garage door if you use the garage as a workshop or playroom. Carteck...

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Carteck Solid Horizontal

Carteck Solid Horizontal side hinged door give this traditional type of door a contemporary...

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Carteck Solid Vertical

Cartick Solid Vertical is a modern take on the most traditional type of garage door, the side...

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Carteck Supersize Centre Rib

Carteck Supersize Centre Rib is specially designed for large garage openings up to 8m x 6m The...

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