Silvelox acquired the Domina internal door company only recently, and they were first introduced to the UK in 2011. The main advantage to the potential customer of these amazing contemporary doors is that they can complement the external and garage doors. The internal face of the entrance door can be finished in the same material and pattern as the internal doors and in turn the external face of the front door can match the garage door. All the doors can thus blend in harmony. This need not end with just the doors. Silvelox offer a bespoke service for the architrave, skirting and even whole walls can be panelled to match the doors or vice versa. This bespoke service by Silvelox is quite unique and is a service unmatched. This makes the design possibilities for the contemporary home or office endless. The Domina doors are technically superb with patented hinges that allow 180 degree opening and simple adjustment in 3 directions. The door and frame sets complement each other perfectly. There are eight basic style designs. Then, for each door design there are different frames available. Some door designs also have different moulding patterns for the panel edges. There are the vast range of materials and finishes that each door design can be ordered with: At least fifteen different real wood finishes, fifteen colours in the standard lacquer finishes. The glass panel range is unique also with fourteen standard and artisan types. Many other materials and finishes are possible. There are a standard range of sizes but, being a bespoke doors, any size up to an amazing height of 3m can be made for you. The range includes hinged, sliding, and hinged and sliding. Lakes Garage Doors are proud to be associated with this product and welcome any enquiries. ...More

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Domina Avant

Domina Avant is an elegant design with a frame surround that evokes a modern classic and suits...

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Domina Cover

Domina Cover has a raised centre panel and is a door designed to make a bold statement. Domina...

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Domina Flat

Flat is the minimalist collection of Domina doors. The honeycomb sandwich of the Domina Flat...

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Domina Shift

The Domina Shift is part of a collection designed by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti for Silvelox....

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Domina Wyal

The Silvelox Domina Wyal is a door set that makes a statement. Domina Wyal Finishes Shown...

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Domina Wyal Glass

Domina Wyal Glass is an elegant glass door available in a range with tasteful hints of colour. Domina...

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Domina Wyal Shine

Domina Wyal Shine is a high gloss door made from laminated glass. Domina Wyal Shine Style Shown...

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