GARADOR The Garage Door People The Company Garador is the UK’s leading up and over garage door manufacturer. The Company heads the field with its outstanding range of doors. They can boast quality second to none and are continually improving their products. Based in Yeovil, Somerset, the Bunford Lane plant is modern purpose built unit using the latest technology to produce to the very highest quality levels. The History The company has not always been a producer of garage doors but has always been involved in engineering. Established in the early 1900’s the company first came to prominence as aeronautical engineers under the title of Westland. During the First World War they were responsible for the manufacture of many of the fighter aircraft used by the Allies. The development of the company into major aeronautical engineers continued between the wars. At the onset of the Second World War in 1939 Westland became a major aircraft manufacturer and it alone produced many of the Spitfire aircraft and other designs of fighter aeroplanes. Westland Engineers were formed in 1948 and early in the 1950’s bought a licence from a Canadian company to produce the first UK up & over garage doors. In the late 1950’s the first garage doors were produced. Such was the quality of these doors that even today our engineers can be called upon to carry out maintenance on these early garage doors with the Westland Engineers badge. During the 1980’s and 90’s the Company saw several changes of ownership. In 2000 Hormann KG, a German company, and at that time the largest manufacturer of garage doors in the world, bought Garador. There followed large investment in the manufacturing plant and infrastructure. This has led to Garador becoming probably the leading manufacturer of garage doors in the UK. The Range Up & Over The main product is still the Up & Over garage door. There are over fifty different models produced in steel, GRP, and timber. The doors can be specified in a variety of colours and finishes and are available with two different lifting gear options. Side Hinged Many of the up & over models are available in traditional side hinged operation in steel and timber Personnel Doors Matching personnel doors are manufactured for a number of the up & overs Sectional Doors The Garador Sectional Garage Doors are manufactured at the by the parent company in Germany. There are four different models produced and available in a variety of colours and finishes. Each of the different models is available as either un-insulated, standard insulation (20mm), or premium insulation (40mm). Insulated Roller Doors These roller doors have taken the standard of insulated rollers to a higher level. Unlike other insulated roller doors these are properly counterbalanced. Again; these are available in a variety of colours and finshes. Steel Entrance Doors These front doors are a truly superior product. Stylish and tasteful they eclipse other products such as upvc or composite. High security is another feature. There is a complimentary range of side lights, transom windows and other optional extras available. The FrontGuard doors are also manufactured by the parent company in Germany. Electric Operators There are three Garador GaraMatic garage door openers. These operators are market leading in all aspects and have many desirable features and accessories. ...More

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Garador Georgian Sectional

The Garador Georgian Sectional garage door has raised and fielded panels to give it a very...

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Garador FGS 850 Front Door

The new Garador FGS 850 brings a touch of the avant garde to the FrontGuard range. Garador...

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Garador FGS 750 Front Door

Garador FGS 750 is part of the highly insulating FrontGuard Plus range. Garador FGS 750 Insulation The...

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Garador Linear Small

The classic Garador Linear Small will look great on both traditional and modern properties. The...

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Garador Linear Large

Give your property a contemporary look with the Garador Linear Large. The Garador Linear...

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Garador Georgian Side Hinged

The traditional Garador Georgian size hinged door with its 12 equal sized panels, provides...

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Garador Garamatic 9

The Garador Garamatic 9 is a simple to use and very reliable belt drive garage door operator...

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Garador FGS 900 Front Door

The arched shaped window of the Garador FGS 900 gives this high performance door a contemporary...

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Garador FGS 700 Front Door

The long window and stainless steel surround give the Garador FGS 700 and elegant contemporary...

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