Novoferm UK is now a major garage door manufacturer and supplier of garage doors. Based in Luton, the UK company manufactures roller, and some of the up & over garage doors. However, most of the doors are supplied from the main factories in Germany. The History Originally founded in 1955 in West Germany as Isselwerk-Werth Gmbh. The company made steel products including garage doors. They grew rapidly within West Germany over the next three decades, by means of various mergers and acquisitions. In 1991 the internationalisation of the company began with ownership of French and Spanish garage door manufacturers under the name of Novoferm in the respective countries. At the same time, the parent company, Isselwerk Gmbh, became Novoferm Gmbh. During the next decade Novoferm sales outlets and manufacturing plants opened throughout Europe. Novoferm UK was established in 1997. Also at that time Novoferm opened the sectional garage door plant in Dortmund, Germany. The Tormatic garage door operator manufacturer was acquired in 2001. Further acquisitions followed and then in 2004 the entire Novoferm Group was bought by the Japanese Sanwa Holdings Corporation and thus became part of the largest producer of garage doors in the world. Novoferm UK was established by a former Director of Hormann UK in 1997. This original company achieved disappointing sales and the import of Novoferm garage doors was taken over by Swift Automation, an established garage door and gate automation business based in Manchester. The existing customer base of Swift ensured the rapid growth of Novoferm sales in the UK, so much so that Swift shortly became Novoferm UK. Novoferm Europe took the company under direct control in the early 2000’s. Since then it has merged with the former Cardale Group of UK companies and is once again a British company importing Novoferm garage doors and automation products. The Products Up & Over Garage Doors Until 2014 all steel up & over garage doors and chassis’s were manufactured in Germany. Production of Steel garage doors has commenced at the Luton plant in limited numbers using mainly Novoferm components. The quality remains at the very high standards set by the German factories and the range will increase as more production comes on line at the Luton factory. The current range of steel, timber, and GRP doors are available in an assortment of styles. Sectional Garage Doors The sectional garage doors are produced at the modern highly efficient plant in Dortmund, Germany. The quality and sophistication of these products make them one of the best available. The poular insulated steel doors are imported and sold in the UK. Available in a variety of different styles and finishes these doors can enhance any home. Also produced in Germany, the timber sectional doors are crafted in soft and hard woods and can be in a standard style or bespoke to the customers specification. The timber doors are also available in Britain. Roller Garage Doors Manufactured at the Luton plant these garage doors are a real success story for Novoferm UK. The roller doors are now being exported to European Novoferm subsidiaries. This product has been constantly upgraded and changed to achieve the best roller door of this type on the market. The doors are produced in 19 different colours and finishes. Electric Operators Novoferm aquired Tormatic Gbmh in 2001. The boom type Novomatic is the largest seller. This reliable versatile operator is produced with different size motors. Over the years it has been developed with three significant model changes. The latest version, the 553 III/S is much faster than earlier versions and an LED light replaces the incandescent bulb. The Novoport is a unique belt drive operator only available to fit Novoferm Sectional Doors. Side mounted on the door track, the operator has a wall mounted control console. The main benefit of this operator is that it requires no additional headroom above that of the door. Also produced in the same factory is the control unit for the roller door. Call in to our Lancashire garage door showroom today to see the range of Novoferm garage doors ...More

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Novoferm Novoport

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Novoferm Vertical

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Novoferm Thame

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Novoferm OFI Magnum

The Novoferm OFI Magnum, (Open for Infill). As this would suggest, a complete frame and chassis...

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Novoferm Novomatic 803 S

Novoferm Novomatic 803 S has a very powerful 1000N motor making this operator suitable for...

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Novoferm Novorol Roller Garage Door

Novoferm Novorol is a feature packed insulated roller door which comes with a full box and...

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Novoferm Novomatic 553

The Novoferm Novomatic 553 electric garage door opener is has a powerful 700N motor suitable...

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Novoferm ISO 45 Thame

If you require a traditional looking garage door but with the most modern operation; the Novoferm...

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Novoferm ISO 45 Paris

What a stunning door! The Novoferm ISO45 Paris. This is one of several sectional timber doors...

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