Silvelox is an Italian company specialising in high quality garage, entrance and internal doors. The import of doors to the UK was commenced only recently with only one UK importer and distributor operating. This has now changed with several new distributors being appointed in 2014 including Lakes Garage Doors. History The history of Silvelox is almost romantic with humble beginnings over 100 years ago. The story began in the 19th century when an engineer, Giacomo Tamanini who was at that time Director of the Imperial Regia Industrial School, Cortina d’Ampezzo, advised his nephew Guilio Rizzi to study timber craft in Vienna. Guilio, after completing his training chose Pergine Valsugana, Trento, to open an artisan’s workshop, employing many local young people. They learnt how to work, treat, and carve timber and soon established a reputation for expert craftsmanship. Guilio Rizzi became an outstanding citizen and held prestigious posts in the local community. Guilio died in 1955 leaving two daughters one of whom was married to an accountant Mario Taddie. Through Mario’s endeavours the company remained in business employing the same workers whilst waiting for his elder son Silvio Taddei (Guilio Rizzi’s grandson) to complete his education and training in Germany. The company was handed over to Silvio Taddei in 1960. A year later Silvio accepted a proposal by two German companies to set up a parallel business called Prefabricatti Velox. This company developed a prefabricated building using timber cement panels for building and a revolutionary garage door. This garage door was designed and then patented by one of the German partners, Jacob Vogt. Silvio then sold the original business and with the proceeds bought out his German partners’ shares. This buy-out included the valuable patent for the garage door. In 1979 the company became Silvelox S.p.a. and the factory was extended to 4000sqm. The Silvelox up & over garage door became well established and in great demand due to the technical improvements constantly taking place and the various aesthetic features of the door. It was soon found that the factory at Pergrine was becoming too small for the expansion in production that was necessary to satisfy demand. In 1983 another factory annex was opened as a temporary measure in the town of Cavaion Veronese. The opportunity was taken by Silvio Taddei in the early 1990’s to purchase an industrial area in Castelnuovo Valsugana complete with sawmill, lofts, and offices. This area was then used for the production of raw material semi finishing and timber components for garage doors. This facility provided the material and parts for the other two factories. In 1993/4 the company was able to concentrate the entire production facilities at the site at Castelnouvo Valsugana. This had meant the reluctant leaving of the historical headquarters at Pergrine. The Products The Overlap Garage Door The Overlap is unique in being a sectional door without tracks extending into the garage. Insulated, it has 75mm thick sections of which there are just two. The door is available in a wide range of patterns and finishes in wood and metal. Bespoke styles are also available. Entrance Doors Entrance doors with high security and insulation can be matched to the garage doors or ordered separately to any of the numerous patterns and finishes. These are also available bespoke. Domina Internal Doors As with all Silvelox products these are high end doors with many patterns, finishes and features. ...More

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Silvelox OLD Garage Door

Silvelox OLD garage door gives a rustic traditional look in a high performance door. You...

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Silvelox ZEN Garage Door

The crisp contemporary lines of the Silvelox ZEN garage door will create an impressive frontage...

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Silvelox GEO Garage Door

The Silvelox GEO garage door is a modern classic and one of the most popular Silvelox doors. Silvelox...

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Silvelox FOR Garage Door

Clean horizontal lines make the Silvelox FOR garage door will look good on any modern property. Silvelox...

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Silvelox VIP Garage Door

Silvelox VIP garage door has a classic wide vertical boarded design that sits well on properties...

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Silvelox ARA Garage Door

Silvelox design and manufacture beautiful garage doors. The Silvelox ARA garage door is a fine example...

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Silvelox Slot Garage Door

The irregular rectangular pattern of the Silvelox Slot garage door is what makes this contemporary design...

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Silvelox Matrix Garage Door

The design of the Silvelox Matrix garage door may be radical but the result is another beautiful...

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Silvelox Random Garage Door

Silvelox have introduced another stunning design to their garage door collection with the Silvelox...

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