Automatic Gate Control Systems

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Automatic gates can be controlled in a number of ways which may be down to practicality, or for some, lifestyle choices. Here we talk about automatic gate control systems.

  • Automatic gates control board
     Automatic Gate Control Systems Control Boards.

    Gate control boards are the automatic gate control systems of gate motors and may have some or all of the following functions:


  • Open and close commands.The open and close commands range from; holding down a button for the whole movement of the gate opening, press once to open and close, and automatic, where the gate will automatically close after a period of time.
  • Pedestrian opening.
    A button or command from a separate device opens one leaf of a swing gate or opens a sliding gate far enough for a person to pass.
  • Force adjustments.
    On some motor models, there is a setting control for the motor force on the control board. On modern boards this is done electronically by the control and when the force is exceeded, for instance, when meeting an obstruction, the gate will immediately reverse.
  • Slow down.
    Some control boards will allow for the gate movement to start gradually and slow down before the limit to ensure a lesser stress on the gates and motors. This also allows for a safer operation and, again, is a feature of most modern controls.
  • Lock output.
    In some instances, the control board has wiring contacts which controls an electric lock. This is essential on wider gate leaves.
  • Flashing light output.
    A flashing warning light may be available to indicate gate movement.
  • Courtesy light.
    On some control boards, a courtesy light is also available. With the use of a switch relay, alongside a photo-cell to stop daylight use, it can switch on driveway lights.
Automatic gate remoteRadio Controls For Automatic Gate Control Systems

Almost all automatic gate kits will include radio controls which comprise of a radio receiver built into the control board and transmitters in the format of key fobs.

Automatic gate videocomIntercom and Videocom

If the automatic gates are the only entrance to your property then some form of communication with the gate is generally necessary. This will often be in the form of an intercom. These allow conversation with the caller. A videocom will also allow the caller to be seen. On the internal phone or videocom monitor, there is also a button to operate the gate.

Lakes Garage Doors now fit mostly GSM intercoms. These use a SIM card to call a landline phone number or a mobile. You can now speak to someone at your gate, and open it,  from anywhere that you have a mobile phone signal. Although more expensive to purchase, a GSM often works out a much cheaper and more convenient option. They need no wires between the gate and your property.

Automatic gate keypadKeypads, Key switches and Buttons

Coded keypads are an option often used to operate automatic gates and can generally be incorporated into either intercom or videocom consoles or as a standalone item inside the gate or, in many instance, both. It is also possible, if required, that key switches and buttons can be used to operate your automatic gates.

Induction loop

An induction loop and induction loop detector can be used to sense passing vehicles and used to activate the gate. It is generally the case that loops are used for properties with longer driveways. They automatically open the gate as a vehicle leaves.

A time switch can be used to hold the gate open during the day and revert back to automatic operation in an evening to offer the required level of security. Also, a time switch may be used to turn on and off an induction loop outside the property.