Automatic Gate Safety

The systems designed to ensure automatic gate safety.

When you have automatic gates fitted at your property,  you must have certain automatic gate safety features.

Automatic gates without up to date safety could prove dangerous and cause damage or, even worse, injury. Please take a moment to see below what you need to ensure your automatic gates have the essential automatic gate safety:

automatic gate safetyForce Control.

The level of force used by the motor can be exactly controlled settings on the gate control. This can be manually or automatically set when the gates are fitted. Or, by adjustment of the motor valves where hydraulic motors are used. This feature makes sure that only the required force is used. If not, the gates will stop. All new automatic gates installed  by Lakes Doors have obstacle detection. The control reads the amount of force needed at all points of the gate’s travel. If the force is more than learned during the set-up, it will stop and reverse. With a good obstacle detection system, safety edges are not usually needed.

Safety Photo-Cells.

You will find that photo-cells are used on almost all automatic gates. Often these are set on posts just behind the open position of the gates. The operation of safety photo-cells is simple and straightforward. They work using an infra-red beam sent from one photo-cell to the other on the other side of the gate-opening. This infra-red beam, when blocked and broken stops the gate. This will stop the gate closing. The photo-cells may be sited in other positions so as to stop the gate opening also. Whilst they may sometimes prevent the gates hitting people, photo-cells

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are not accepted as life protecting. Obstacle detection by the motor and control is the main safety feature. The first use for photo-cells is to protect vehicles.

Induction loops.

As well as being used to open gates, ground loops on automatic gates can be used to prevent opening or closing of the gates. They can work in the same way as safety photo-cells. They are often used when there is nowhere to place photo-cells. Again, they can only protect vehicles.

Safety Edges.

Safety edges are mostly seen on sliding gates, but can also be used on swing gates. Basically, a safety edge is a soft rubber sensitive strip which on contact with an object causes the gate to reverse immediately. Correct siting of safety edges will also ensure automatic gate safety.

Automatic Gate Safety Testing and Certification

Finally, to ensure gate automation safety it must, by law, be tested and certified. The most important part of the testing is for force. A special meter has to be used and all the readings recorded. The client will be issued with a Decalration of Conformity with all the details of the tests. Lakes Doors are fully qualified to carry this out.