Underground Gate Motor Installation

The motors can give years of reliable service when underground gate motor installation is properly carried out. This guide gives advice on how to do a professional quality installation.

When undertaking underground gate motor installation for automatic gates, the pivot point on the foundation box needs to be directly beneath the top hinge pin. The pivot point on foundation boxes will be between 60mm and 70mm from the edge of the box and, as such, the top hinge pin needs to be the same distance between posts or pillars. A bottom pin shouldn’t be used and shouldn’t be required as the motor arms perform as bottom hinges.

Ground work for underground gate motor installation

underground gate motorsFoundation boxes are need to be encased in concrete. A hole must be dug into the ground which is 100mm deeper and 70mm wider than the box itself and the foundation box concreted into this hole.

A strong concrete mix is required to be poured near to the top of the box and sufficient clearance must be left for the driveway’s surface. Whenever possible, foundation boxes and posts should be concreted at the same time during underground gate motor installation.

In addition to the above, it is essential that you ensure there is drainage from the boxes. A pipe should lead away out of the box to soak into surrounding ground. Better still if it can be taken to an existing drain. Motors are all designed for submersion and are sufficiently protected. However, they are not designed to sit indefinitely submersed in water. Connections shouldn’t be made below ground and the drainage and conduit should always be sorted prior to concrete being poured.

You should always ensure that the top of the foundation box is level with the finished surface. Even if the ground across the gate isn’t. You must then mask off the holes in the foundation boxes to help prevent concrete from entering into it.

Following this, you can then hang your gates. If the gates are in a pair, you can place and clamp both gates into a closed position to ensure the gates are level. Then, that all spacing is correct and that the sufficient tolerance between the leaves is in place.
The information, pictures and diagrams refer to the Nice Metro Underground Motors

Nice underground gate motor installation