Garage Doors Cumbria

A recent installation of a 6 metre sectional garage doors Cumbria.

This job was done for one of our long standing customers JIW Properties. We have installed many garage doors Cumbria on their new build properties and this particular job was for the managing director on his home.

The Brief

I am building a large new garage at my property in the Lake District and I need to be able to get easily get 2 big cars in and out.  I have Golden Oak windows but thing that a large garage door in this finish would look too much. You fitted a Novoferm Satin Grey sectional door at one of our other developments. I think that this finish would be sympathetic to the roof slate and would like something the same or very similar.  The door will obviously need to be automatic and I would like 4 handsets.

Products Installed

The maximum width for most domestic sectional garage doors is 5.5m wide which is a very wide door when you consider that a standard with double door is roughly 4.3m wide. This garage opening though is 6 meters wide and this significantly reduces the range of options available. The the Novoferm sectional door requested stops at 5.5m . Fortunately we were able to use instead the Garador sectional door.  Garador produce their doors up to 6m wide. At this width the panels come with wind braces on the back and commercial style rollers are used to cope with the weight of the door. The Garador Titan Metallic finish is near identical to the Novoferm Satin Grey finish so this fitted the customer’s brief perfectly.  The style chosen was the Linear Medium which has one embossed rib per panel. As this is such a large door door we used a Novoferm Novomatic 803 S operator. The 803 s is a 1000n operator and is designed for large and heavy doors and also for intensive use such as underground car parks.

Garage Doors Cumbria

We fit all types makes and models of garage doors in Cumbria as well as sectional doors as you see above. We also supply and install automatic gates and front doors – many of them in matching styles to our garage doors. You can browse our complete range of doors here.