Carteck Supersize Unribbed

Product Finishes:

Carteck Supersize Unribbed is specially designed for extra large garage openings over 5.5m wide.

The Carteck Supersize Unribbed garage doors run on industrial specification gear to safely and efficiently carry the substantial weight of the door. Each is available in sizes over 5.5m and up to 8m wide.  From the outside, the Carteck Supersize Unribbed door looks identical in appearance to the domestic size Carteck GSW40-L Unribbed door.  All Carteck Supersize Unribbed doors are electrically operated by a direct drive motor which comes with 2 remote handsets.

A rot-proof bottom seal made of elastic EPDM rubber profile sits against the floor and will compensate for minor variations in floor level to provide a seal against draughts and debris. The door is also sealed at the top, sides and also between the individual sections across the entire width. Intermediate seals create a thermal barrier that is very effective in reducing heat transmission saving on the energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the garage.

The safe edge is located within the bottom seal of the door. As soon as the seal comes into contact with an obstruction the door stops and reverses. With the size of the garage door being so big, safety is paramount – this is why they also come with a self monitoring safe edge as standard.

The window units are fitted with a polyurethane frame that is coloured to compliment or match the panel colour of the door. Scratch-proof, 16mm double glazed, easy clean windows allow natural light into your garage with detailed designs. Each style is available with opaque, frosted or clear glazing.

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Carteck Supersize Garage Doors

High performance extra large garage doors
  • Excellent for insulation
  • Automation included
  • Low maintenance

Colours Available for this product

Flame Red
Fir Green
Moss Green
Sepia Brown
Window Grey
Anthracite Grey
White Aluminium
Quartz Grey
Light Grey
Grey Aluminium
Jet Black
Graphite Grey Metallic effect
  • Width available from 5501mm to 8000mm
  • Heights up to 6000mm
  • 40mm insulated panels
  • Direct drive single phase or 3 phase motor
  • Self monitoring safe edge
  • EPDM seals
  • Torsion spring system
  • Top hat bracing on the rear of panels