Garador FGS 030 Front Door

Product Finishes:

The modern look of the four square windows make the Garador FGS 030 a popular choice.

Everybody knows German manufacturing as a synonym for quality and you can really see it in the Garador range of steel front doors. This quality can be seen and felt, for not only does the Garador FGS 030 look great, it also closes with a reassuring ‘thunk’.

Construction and Insulation

The door leaf is a double steel skin with a high density PU foam core. This makes the leaf both very strong and highly insulating. The windows are double glazed 24mm thick units with composite frames. The door frame is also aluminium. It has a built in thermal break which further improves insulation.  Garador FGS 030 has a thermal transmittance of U=1.4W/m2k. The handle is a fixed bar type and is made from stainless steel.


Garador FGS 030 comes as standard with 5 point security. If however you’re particularly security conscious there is the choice of two security upgrades. Secure by Design is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers and is a recognised standard within the UK. If you choose this upgrade the door will have additional security features added to meet this standard. A further option available is RC 2 security. This is a recognised standard throughout Europe. RC 2 stands for Burglar Resistance Class 2 and again, if you choose this option the door will have additional security features added.

Side and Transom Elements

Garador FGS 030 is available with side and transom elements. The glazing can be either in Mastercarre to match the glazing in the leaf or float clear.

Colour and Options for Garador FGS 030

As standard your new door will come in Traffic White. There is the option to upgrade to one of the colours you can see on the right or to one of the timber effect finishes.

We have a Garador FrontGuard door on display at out Lancashire showroom for you to see and try.

Garador Steel Entrance Doors

Strong. Insulating. Secure.
  • Thermal transmittance U=1.4W/m2k
  • Secure by Design version available
  • RC 2 version available
  • Low maintenance

Colours Available for this product

Anthracite grey RAL 7016
White Aluminium RAL 9006
White RAL 9016
Window Grey RAL 7040
Moss Geen RAL 6005
Red RAL 3003
Terra Brown RAL 8028
Clay Brown RAL 8003
Light Grey RAL 7035
Pigeon Blue RAL 5014
Light Ivory RAL 1015
Golden Oak

Steel door leaf with foam filled core and thermal break, exterior and interior overlapping the leaf, 46 mm thick, in classic, contemporary and modern designs. Standard polyester primer coating White (RAL 9016) in a smooth finish (inside and out).


Flush fitting door leaf on the interior and exterior of the door, with a leaf frame on the inside and a thick rebate. The flush fit on the interior gives the impression of a residential internal door can be optimally integrated into your house’s interior.


White (RAL 9016) as standard.

Optional colours available for all doors:

White Aluminium (RAL 9006), Terra Brown (RAL 8028), Clay Brown (RAL 8003), Ochre Brown (RAL 8001),

Window Grey (RAL 7040), Light Grey (RAL 7035), Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), Moss Green (RAL 6005),

Ruby Red (RAL 3003), Light Ivory (RAL 1015) and Pigeon Blue (RAL 5014).

Timber Effect

Optional surface finishes available for FGS 030:

Foil-coated timber effect in Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Night Oak and foil coated Titan Metallic finish.


4-sided double, black EPDM seals. Brush seal at the bottom, 20 mm high plastic threshold with thermal break.

Locks & bolts

11-point security: 2 conical swing bolts engage with 2 additional security bolts and 1 deadbolt in the frame‘s lock plates.

3 further security bolts on the hinge side and three barrel hinges.

Drip angle

Optional, Traffic white (RAL 9016). Invisible fastening and plastic cover cap at each end.


Three 2-piece 3-way adjustable hinges with hinge caps in aluminium look.

FGS 030 has a fixed bar handle son the outside and therefore a key is required to open these doors from the outside at all times unless fitted with electric strike.

Profile cylinder and keys

Cylinder length with fixed bar handles: 27.5 x 35.5 mm.

Cylinder length with standard lever/lever or lever/knob handle set: 31.5 x 40.5 mm.

Cylinder length with Secured by Design lever/lever or lever/knob handle set: 35.5 x 40.5 mm.

5 keys supplied as standard, 8 or 10 keys available as an option.

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