GateTec Curve

Product Finishes:

The Gatetec Curve is an extremely popular design that fits in well with most styles of property.

The Curve is made up of double top and bottom rails with the top rail creating a gentle curve also a centre rail comprised of ringlets.  The uprights are made from solid round or square bar with spiked railheads which has its obvious security advantages.  Shown her on metal posts the Curve is also suitable for mounting on pillars.

Gatetec Curve is suitable for all types of automation.  If using an above ground system on a swing gate one of the lower rails can be enlarged to help hide the motors and create mounting points.  More about types of automatic gates

All Gatetec automatic gates are made as a one off because of this the gates can be altered to your specifications and requirements whether it be adding or removing elements or altering geometry.


Bespoke automatic gates
  • Security options available
  • Automation ready

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