Groke 12870 Front Door

Product Finishes:

The gentle sweeping arch of the Groke 12870 gives this contemporary front door a softer look.

Groke front doors are amongst the very best aluminium doors available. Every door is purpose made to order. Specifically made for each customer. The door will be tailored for you and your tastes. Once you have chosen your preferred specification, we will provide you with a visual impression of how the door will look and a technical drawing. Once these have been approved, your Groke 12870 will be ready to go into production.

Construction and Insulation

Groke 12870 is available in two versions. 34mm and 44mm thick panels. Both versions are built on to the same 90mm thick aluminium profile which gives the door leaf its structure. The 34mm is rebated into the profile. It is double glazed. The 44mm panel overlays the profile on the outer face and is triple glazed.


All Groke doors are certified to the German burglar resistance class WK 2.  The doors have been tested to withstand an attack using common burglary tools such as spanners, pliers, wedges etc.

Side and Transom Elements

Side and transom elements are one of the things that Groke do best. Unlike some manufactures who screw side/transom elements onto the door frame. Groke manufacture side and transom elements as part of the door frame structure. This method of construction not only looks better but is stronger too, giving the door a more solid action and feel.

Personalise Your Groke 12870

With Groke doors there is so much choice. First you will need to choose your structural features such as side elements and panel thickness. Next the functionality features such as locking upgrades. One of our favourites is the GU-Security self-locking system. With this feature, as soon as you close the door, all bolts automatically engage. You will never need worry about locking the door again. Last comes the aesthetics. You can choose door furniture, door colours, frame colours and glazing.

Ready to get started with your new Groke front door? Call us today, we’re here to help. Our expert engineers install throughout the North West of England. We can supply only anywhere in the UK.

Groke - Made In Germany

High Performance Aluminium Front Doors
  • Excellent for Insulation
  • Burglary resistance class WK 2
  • Low Maintenance
  • Bespoke Options Available

Colours Available for this product

RAL 3005 Wine Red
RAL 8077 Brown
DB 703
RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
RAL 9007 Grey Aluminium
RAL 9006 White Aluminium
RAL 9016 Traffic White

Security Level – WK 2

Thermal Transmittance:

  • Glazing rebate panel 34mm version – 1.46
  • Covering the leaf on 1 side 44m version – 1.46

Construction Specification

  • 44mm or 34mm insulation thickness available
  • Symphonie or arcade frame profiles
  • 3mm aluminium wall thickness
  • Mitre joints – screwed, glued & bolted
  • Hinge Pins – X2 hinge pins as standard
  • Internal handle – ergonomic aluminium internal handle as standard
  • Multi-point locking – 3 point locking as standard with option to upgrade to 5 point locking. Automatic locking also available.
  • Security rosette – stainless steel round security rosette on the outside of the door covering the lock barrel
  • Hinges – X3 adjustable flag type hinges
  • Frame profile – thermally broken with additional insulation in the centre chamber Colours – choice of standard colours and additional RAL colours available
  • Ground cill – thermally insulated ground cill suitable for wheelchair access
  • Double doors available

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