Nice L-Fab Kit

The Nice L-FAB Kit is an underground installation kit for swing gates with leaves up to 4 m.

The L-FAB provides an irreversible electromechanical gear motor, also is available in 24 Vdc versions with a magnetic encoder and a mechanical stop.

At Lakes we will provide you with your maximum freedom of choice. This will be for deciding things such as whether you want; the release on inside or outside of the door, the two key or lever operated model – that are freely combinable and easy to operate with just one hand.

The foundation boxes with mechanical stop on opening are available in stainless steel (ideal for use in extreme conditions) and with cataphoresis paint finish (highly resistant to corrosion).

Ideal for intensive use, with a standard opening of 110° or 360° if required, the Nice L-FAB Kit is compatible with the control unit Moonclever MC824H, with BlueBUS technology, Solemyo and Opera systems which provide: simple programming via a single key, self-learning of travel limits on opening and closing, self-diagnostics of faults, programming of pause time and deceleration on opening and closing. The L-FAB Kit will still operate in the event of a power failure with optional rechargeable batteries (PS324).

The accessories for the L-FAB Kit are:

  • MEA2 Key unlock system
  • MEA3 Lever -type key unlock system to use when system is installed on surfaces such as sand or earth
  • MEA5 Lever -type unlock key for MEA3
  • BMA1 Accessory for opening up to 360° for gates max. 3.5 m in length
  • PLA10 Vertical 12 V electric lock (required for gates longer than 3m)
  • PLA11 Horizontal 12 V electric lock (required for gates longer than 3m)
  • PS324 24 V battery with integrated battery charger
  • TS Signboard

Nice L-Fab Kit

Discreet and powerful underground automation
  • 24 Vdc automation
  • Professional installation available

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