Nice Toona Kit

There are 3 sizes of Nice Toona Kit. Whatever your size of gate, there is a Toona kit to suit.

Nice Toona Kit Motor

The Nice Toona Kit motor is designed for swing gates with leaves up to 7 m. The electrically driven gear motor is easily fitted. It is also has a 24vdc version. This 24volt motor is very sensitive to objects which may be in the way. It is ideal for residential use. The Toona is reliable and has tough. durability. The housing is made up of two strong aluminium shells with a polyester paint finish. It will stand up well to UK weather.

The Toona has robust steel and light alloy moving parts. It is oversized. The connection compartment  gives rapid and easy access from above to the electric terminals located in the upper section of the motor. The installation of the Toona is simple and it is easily serviced.

Nice Toona Kit Control

The Toona 24 Vdc version with magnetic encoder is perfect for frequent use, and comes with a Moonclever MC824H control unit. You can programme the Moonclever control very easily. It has self-learning opening and closing stop positions. You can set the pause time and control the speed of opening and closing.

The Moonclever will automatically diagnose very rare faults. In the event of a power failure the gates can still operate by the optional rechargeable batteries.

The Nice Toona is available with a variety of accessories such as:

  • PLA14 Screw-adjustable rear bracket
  • PLA15 Screw-adjustable front bracket
  • PLA10 Vertical 12 V electric lock (required for gates longer than 3 m)
  • PLA11 Horizontal 12 V electriclock (required for gates longer than 3 m)
  • PLA13 Mechanical travel stops for closing and opening manoeuvres.
  • PLA6 Rear bracket 250 mm long
  • PS324 24 V battery with integrated battery charger

Lakes Garage Doors can supply you with a Nice Toona Kit. We also install throughout the North West of England.

Nice Toona Kit

Simple & affordable gate automation
  • Low maintenance
  • Control board included

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