Novoferm ISO 45 Amsterdam

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The distinctive chevron or herringbone pattern of the Novoferm ISO 45 Amsterdam makes for a quite unique sectional garage door. To have vertical or diagonal lines successfully passing between the sections requires precision manufacture and installation. A sectional garage door manufactured by Novoferm and installed by Lakes Garage Doors can acheive this.

The construction of the Novoferm ISO 45 Amsterdam

All Novoferm sectional garage doors have the same basic frame, tracks, running and lifting gear. The Novoferm ISO 45 Amsterdam is different only in the section construction. The engineered boards of the Novoferm ISO 45 Amsterdam have the chevron pattern routed into the face. The boards a laid up in in layers of solid timber, each layer of timber has the grain at 90 degrees to the next. This gives the board immense strength and rigidity. It is not prone to warping or splitting. The sections are machined to interlock at the horizontal joints. This interlock is designed in such a way as to prevent finger entrapment in the moving door. The hinges connecting the sections of the Novoferm ISO 45 Amsterdam are cleverly designed to be finger trap protected. The sections are held into the tracks by the wheel brackets. The strong nylon wheels are carried on floating axles. The door is counterbalanced by torsion springs on a shaft above the door. Onto the ends of the shaft are fitted drums onto which the cables, attached to the door, are wound. The springs have spring break devices to conform with with EN 12064 of the Machinery Directive. In almost twenty years of fitting these doors we at Lakes Garage Doors have never known a Novoferm sectional door spring to fail. Failures of any nature on these doors is very rare indeed and is why Novoferm doors carry a 10 year guarantee. All steel parts on the Novoferm ISO 45 Amsterdam are galvanised or stainless to guard against corrosion. Metal parts not steel are cast alloy.

Automation of the Novoferm ISO 45 Amsterdam

Lakes Garage Doors have a choice of two superb Novoferm electric operators for the Novoferm ISO 45 Amsterdam:


Novoferm ISO 45 Timber

Sectional doors in hardwood & softwood.
  • Excellent for insulation
  • TUV burglar resistance tested
  • Automation ready
  • 10 year warranty

Colours Available for this product

Nordic Pine
Okoume Hardwood
  • Angular frames guide rails and all moving fitting parts on the garage door are also galvanised
  • The base of the frame legs are stainless steel with free drainage to ensure that rust cannot form on the galvanised frame legs over the long term
  • High surface stability Construction provides heat and sound insulation and quiet runnng
  • Wide lip seals on the side frame provide heat insulation and dirt resistance
  • The frost proof floor seal is a rubber profile made of high quality EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) which is known for itts high elasticity weather resistance and long life-span. This gives optimum protection from water and dirt and evens out slight floor uneveness
  • Anti-pinch inside and out to ensure that fingers cannot be trapped
  • Angular frame interference protector and steel ropes arranged inside
  • Maintenance free torsion springs with tested spring break safety feature in accordance with EN12064 ensure that the door is secured from falling in the unlikely event of spring breakage.

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