Novoferm ISO 45 Large Rib

Product Finishes:

The Novoferm ISO 45 Large Rib is one of our most popular insulated sectional doors. The large rib gives the door a contemporary feel much favoured by our customers. Manufactured near Dusseldorf in Germany, Novoferm sectional garage doors are class leaders in quality and design.

The construction of the Novoferm ISO 45 Large Rib

A double skin of  hot dipped galvanised steel encloses a rigid foam core of CFC free elastic PUR. This construction gives a strong, sound and heat insulating  section. These sections, usually four but more for higher doors, move on wheels in vertical and horizontal tracks. The horizontal tracks are held in an angle frame. This frame comes as standard in traffic white but if a colour other than traffic white is chosen for the door then colour matched profiles are available for the door frames. The door also has a header. the header is always colour matched to the door. The  Novoferm ISO 45 large rib has torsion springs. The springs, mounted on a shaft, are fixed above the door opening or, with the low headroom option, at the back of the horizontal tracks. The spring shaft is attached to the door leaf by cable drums and cables which have a cable spring break safety device fitted. All the steel parts of the Novoferm ISO 45 large rib are hot dip galvanised. The feet of the frame legs are stainless steel. This prevents corrosion at this vunerable point where the the door frame cones in contact with the floor and may sit in water. Rubber seals exclude draughts. As well as a frost resistant floor seal there are lipped seals on the sides and header. There are also rubber seals between each section. This door has a class leading insulation values of  K = 0.5 W/m2 K. The Novoferm ISO 45 large rib can be automated using either the Novoferm 553 or the Novoferm Novoport operators. A manual option can also be specified.

Colours and finishes

The door as standard has a  wood grain effect embossed into the steel. The Novoferm ISO 45 large rib is also available with a a very popular smooth surface. The foil finishes such as the textured woodgrain and satin grey are on the smooth surface. the Novoferm Super Colours are available for the Novoferm ISO 45 large rib as well as any other RAL colour.

Novoferm ISO 45

Premium sectional garage doors
  • 45mm thick insulated panels
  • TUV tested burglar resistance
  • Automation ready
  • Low maintenance
  • Colour matching available
  • 10 year warranty

Colours Available for this product

Steel Blue RAL 5011
Moss Green RAL 6005
Ochre Brown RAL 8001
Nut Brown RAL 8011
Window Grey RAL 7040
Fir Green RAL 6009
Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Sepia Brown RAL 8014
Light Grey RAL 7035
  • Sections manfactured from hot dipped galvanised sheet steel double-skin sandwich construction filled with an elastic PUR rigid foam core which is CFC free
  • Angular frames guide rails and all moving fitting parts on the garage door are also galvanised
  • The base of the frame legs are stainless steel with free drainage to ensure that rust cannot form on the galvanised frame legs over the long term
  • High surface stability Construction provides heat and sound insulation and quiet runnng
  • Flexible lip seals between the sections prevent heat loss and resists dust and dirt ingress
  • Wide lip seals on the side frame provide heat insulation and dirt resistance
  • The frost proof floor seal is a rubber profile made of high quality EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) which is known for itts high elasticity weather resistance and long life-span. This gives optimum protection from water and dirt and evens out slight floor uneveness
  • Anti-pinch inside and out to ensure that fingers cannot be trapped
  • Angular frame interference protector and steel ropes arranged inside
  • Maintenance free torsion springs with tested spring break safety feature in accordance with EN12064 ensure that the door is secured from falling in the unlikely event of spring breakage.
  • Type iso45 has 45mm thickness of CFC free PUR rigis foam core (heat insulation value K = 0.5 W/m2 K)

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