Oikos Synua Concrete Finish Front Doors

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linea-frammenti-modello-contrastoThe Oikos Synua Concrete is a unique concept in front door design. Designers Adriano and Rossi took inspiration from the materials used in the art and architecture of Venice. As a result, we have been given these these stunning door finishes. Now, you the customer can enjoy the bold statements and free expression allowed in the design of the these doors. This is typical of Oikos.

Oikos Synua Concrete Construction

The Oikos Synua Concrete has the same construction as other Oikos Synua front doors. Therefore, all options are available to you for security, insulation and size. This will include:

  • Security Class 3 as standard with option of Class 4
  • Noise transmission of acoustic level 38db
  • Air permeability 2 with option of 4
  • Wind resistance C4 with option of C5

Oikos Synua Concrete with textured finshYou can see that in designing the Materia Venezia doors, the artists have used another relatively modern material, concrete. Additionally, in many cases, this has been combined with other ancient materials. This has produced an integrated product which is current and blends especially with contemporary architecture. As you can see here in the pictures, the concrete finish may be smooth or textured. Mosaics therefore blend beautifully into the surface and the variety of patterns are limitless. Furthermore, the mosaics used are mainly of coloured glass and allow you many themes of colour and pattern. The designers have used metal strips, brass and stainless steel, to make stunning designs. We have seen other metals specified and used. In addition, you can choose almost any material and have any pattern you wish. This is a truly bespoke door.

Materials Used with the Oikos Synua Concrete:
  • Oak
  • Brass
  • Other Metals
  • Ceramics
  • Glass

In conclusion, this list is not limited as other materials can also be used and may be specified by the customer.

Mosaic inlay on concrete front door
Detail of textured concrete and hand cut glass mosaic.


Individually Made In Italy

Style and designer flair
  • Security Class 3
  • Suitable for low energy houses
  • Colour matching available
  • Low maintenance
Internal Door

(Dividing two environments of similar climatic conditions)

  1. Break-in resistance Class 3
  2. Acoustic insulation 38db
External Door

(Dividing two environments of different climatic conditions)

  1. Break-in restistance Class 3
  2. Acoustic insulation 38db
  3. Air sealing 2 – 4 upon request using Mose Kit 4
  4. Water tightness 0 – 5 upon request using Mose 5a Kit
  5. Wind resistance C4 – C5 upon request using Mose C5 Kit

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