Silvelox Overlap EMI

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Silvelox Overlap EMI is the door which looks like a traditional sectional garage doors but with the performance you would expect from a Silvelox.

Although EMI might look like other sectional garage doors, it is in fact a trackless sectional door. Rather than being in 4 sections, it is in two. On the inside, where you would expect to see ceiling tracks, springs and a boom operator, you see instead a clean, clear ceiling space. All of the lifting gear on the Silvelox Overlap EMI is built into the frame. The leaves of the door give a much more aesthetically pleasing space inside the garage.


EMI sections are made from okoume hardwood engineered board  built around a steel box section chassis. This allows these doors to be made in large sizes up to 5500mm wide. The benefit of using an engineered board rather than solid timber is that it gives you the beauty of natural wood but with no shrinking or warping prevalent with solid boards.

Colours and Finishes for Silvelox Overlap EMI

Want to get away from an outside timber surface altogether? No problem. EMI is one of 3 doors in the Overlap range that can have the external face of the door finished in steel. This can then be lacquered to any of the standard colour finishes. Optional RAL finishes, or foil finished with a pvc embossed wood effect are other choices. If you love the natural beauty of timber then as well as okoume there are other options. Northern spruce, oak, larch and teak are also available.


As energy costs rise and we all become more environmentally conscious, retaining heat becomes a more and more important factor. Your new Silvelox Overlap EMI is one of the most energy efficient garage doors available. It is approximately one third more energy efficient than a traditional sectional garage door.

If you’d like to see and try a Silvelox Overlap garage door we have one on display at our garage door showroom in Lancashire.

Silvelox - The Excellent Door

Cutting edge design and performance
  • Excellent for insulation
  • High security
  • Integrated automation
  • Colour match available

Colours Available for this product

RAL 9016 Traffic White
RAL 1015 Light Ivory
RAL 7035 Light Grey
RAL 9002 Grey White
RAL 7040 Window Grey
RAL 9006 White Aluminium
RAL 7044 Silk Grey
RAL 7030 Stone Grey
RAL 5003 Sapphire Blue
RAL 6005 Moss Green
RAL 3003 Ruby Red
RAL 6009 Fir Green
RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey
RAL 8016 Mahogany Brown
RAL 8019 Grey Brown
  • Trackless sectional garage door made from two overlapping sections
  • Sections made from structural sandwich panels from 75mm thick Multi-ecowood
  • Frame made from 2mm thick metal sheet finished similar to anthracite
  • Silvelox Silmotion door operator integrated in to the head rail.
  • Additional receivers and handsets are available on request.
  • Manual doors and garages with no other acess will requie a double handle availabe at a surcharge
  • Balancing through double counterweight system
  • Bottom and perimeter sealing in EPDM rubber
  • Outer side finished with eco-friendly water based products or metal coated
  • Inner side similar to RAL 9016 traffic white
  • Thermal transmittance U = 1 W/m2K (value obtained for a door without windows and grills with behind wall installation)
  • Excellent performance in terms of acoustic insulation and water/wind proofing

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