Woodrite Monmouth Washford

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The Woodrite Monmouth Washford oak garage door will look beautiful on traditional properties.

The Washford oak up and over garage door, like all of the doors from the Monmouth range, is made from oak veneered ply boards and solid oak mouldings – which create simple, classic designs with oak features. The Washford is from the Woodrite Monmouth range of oak doors. The Monmouth range is panel-built, meaning that the oak leaf is built onto aluminium or steel chassis, this method keeps down the weight of the door.

Monmouth Washford Oak doors are available as personnel or side hinged. For rigidity, personnel doors and side hinged garage doors are constructed using traditional build methods – these employ mortice and tenon joints.

Side hinged doors have a night latch and finger pull with the option of a mortice lock and lever set. Personnel doors have a mortice lock and lever set as standard. Side hinged doors have shoot bolts top and bottom to secure the inactive leaf and door stays to hold the door in the open position.

Personnel doors are available with a rebated frame and have a mortice lock and lever set as standard – the classic side door for a garage. Side hinged doors have a rebated leading edge, that, when matched with one of our frames with its stop bead, creates a well finished job.

Our Monmouth Washford doors are available with Super-Chassis lifting gear in a range of single and double standard sizes. Super-Chassis are a lightweight gear suitable for all but the largest panel-build doors from the Monmouth ranges. It features a strong corrosion protected steel chassis into which the lifting gear is integrated.

Woodrite Oak Garage Doors

Good with Wood
  • Up to 5 year warranty on the door finish
  • Automation ready

Colours Available for this product

Chocolate Oak
Golden Oak
Green Oak
Mid Oak
Midnight Oak
Old Oak
Red Oak
Rustic Oak
Natural Oak
Aged Oak
Brackley Oak
  • Panel built door on either Masta-gear or Super-chassis
  • Available with canopy or retractable gear
  • Made from veneered ply with solid oak mouldings
  • Edge to edge boarding
  • Fully finished with Tecknos Wood Finish system

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