Automatic Gates

There are two main types of automatic gates or, to be more precise; two main types of gate which can be automated: 1. Swing gates 2. Sliding gates Swing Gates When we talk of automatic swing gates we mean gates which are hinged at the pillar or post. It can be a single gate or, as we often refer to it, a leaf, or it can be a pair of gates or leaves. The gates can be constructed of a variety of materials but most commonly steel or timber. Swing gates can be automated in three ways: • Underground • Surface mounted arm type on the back of the gate • Surface mounted articulated arm type mounted on the pillar or post and attached to the gate by an articulated arm Sliding Gates There are two basic types of automatic sliding gate:  Those with wheels that run on a track or rail  The cantilever type The wheeled types are the simplest and cheapest to construct and install. The main requirement is level ground for the track. In the past, these types have been installed on ground sloping across the opening resulting in a gate running either up or downhill. This is no longer acceptable as when the gate is released to operate manually, perhaps in the event of a power failure, the gate can roll downhill out of control. The cantilever type of automatic sliding gate is suspended across the opening on two sets of concealed rollers. The weight of the gate is counterbalanced by the concrete base into which the rollers are anchored. The gate has an extension on the trailing end for the rollers to support the gate across the opening. This type of slider is useful for uneven ground or where a track across the gateway may be a problem. As with swing gates the two main materials for the construction of sliding gates are steel and timber. Both types of sliding gates use the same type automation; an electric motor, rack and pinion. The rack is attached to the gate, the pinion on the motor. ...More

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