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Our range of entrance doors is made up of high performance doors from three different manufacturers using three different construction techniques. Garador Steel Front Doors – these doors are available in both contemporary and traditional styles and offer a very good level of thermal insulation. The door leaf is made from a double steel skin with a ridged foam core and is hung on an aluminium frame. If you have a large entranceway to your house you can add side and/or transom elements which can be either glazed or solid panels to complement the front door. Security is always a key concern with entrance doors so for your peace of mind Garador Front doors come as standard with shoot and swing bolts as well as hinge pins, certain models can also be upgraded to meet the Secure by Design standard. Silvelox High Security Front Doors – at first glance Silvelox front doors are often mistaken for a solid wood front door however the Silvelox product is much more technical than that. These doors are wood faced steel doors, they are built up on the Silvelox Omega steel door leaf chassis and steel frame. The Omega core is filled with insulation and wooden panels are bonded to it. What this achieves is the security and stability of a steel door but with the beauty and flexibility of design that wood gives. This flexibility is not limited to the range of designs that you see here, bespoke designs are also possible. Silvelox doors are a luxury product and therefore are usually protecting luxury products, because of this Silvelox front doors are high security and are available with either class 3 or class 4 security ratings. Groke Aluminium Front Doors – made in Germany these doors have all the engineering excellence you would expect from a luxury German product. The frame and leaf skin are made from 3mm thick aluminium and the leaf is available in thicknesses up to 92mm and filled with cfc free insulation – well surpassing Passivhaus standards. These doors are packed with technology and are available with useful features such is automatic electric locking and biometric readers built into the door leaf. No stock at all is held of these doors, each and every one is made from scratch to your specification using a mix of cutting edge technology engineering and craftsmen’s skills. ...More

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Groke 12670 Front Door

The understated elegant grooves of the Groke 12670 make for a great entrance door. This door...

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Groke 12680 Front Door

Clean horizontal and vertical grooves give the high specification Groke 12680 aluminium front...

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Groke 12170 Front Door

Contemporary aluminium door with long window. Up to 94mm thick, highly insulating.

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Garador FGS 700 Front Door

The long window and stainless steel surround give the Garador FGS 700 and elegant contemporary...

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Garador FGS 900 Front Door

The arched shaped window of the Garador FGS 900 gives this high performance door a contemporary...

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Garador FGS 020 Front Door

The long window of the Garador FGS 020 gives an uncluttered modern look on a door that is equally...

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Garador FGS 025 Front Door

Garador FGS 025 has a long offset window and horizontal grooves designed to match in with Garador...

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Garador FGS 030 Front Door

The modern look of the four square windows make the Garador FGS 030 a popular choice. Everybody...

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Garador FGS 040 Front Door

The port hole window of the Garador FGS 040 makes this door as equally suitable for side and...

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