Gate Automation Kits

A gate automation kit supplied by Lakes Garage Doors will normally consist of: • A pair of motors or a single motor dependant on your type of gates • A control panel suitable for the motors with a radio receiver • Two keyfob radio transmitters • One pair of safety photo-cells Motors Gate Motors are broadly divided into two main categories: 1. For swing or hinged gates 2. For sliding gates Swing Gates There are three types of swing gate automation kits:  The arm type – These are surface mounted on the back of the gate and can be hydraulic or electro mechanical.  The articulated arm type – Also surface mounted, this type of motor is mounted on the pillar or post with an articulated arm attached to the gate. This type is always electro mechanical.  Underground type – Below ground at the hinge, this motor is housed in a steel box, called the foundation box, the motors, either hydraulic or electro mechanical, are bolted in. The gates are usually welded to a motor coupling. Sliding Gates Sliding gate automation kits are exclusively electro-mechanical and all operate on the same simple system of a rack and pinion. The rack is attached to the gate. The motors differ only in size; ranging from those designed for small domestic gates, to motors which operate very large gates weighting several tons, such as found on industrial premises. These large motors operate on three phase electricity, (400 volts). Control Panels The control panel, as the name suggests, controls the movement of the gates when triggered by a device such as a keyfob handset. They can have many features including the now obligatory obstacle detection. Transmitters Now much smaller than the older types, the handset type transmitter can be worn on a keyring. The handsets supplied with a kit usually have two channels. The second channel can have a number of different uses; to operate a second set of gates or a garage door perhaps or, with a pair of gates, open just one leaf for pedestrian use. Photo-cells These prevent the movement of the gate when an obstruction is in the area of travel. It is usual now to have more than one set. For example on swing gates, it is usual to have a pair outside and a pair inside to cover the sweep of the gates. Enquire today to find out more about gate automation kits. ...More

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