Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are now one of the most popular choices of garage door, possibly even more so than up and over doors. How it works – as the name suggests, these are made up of horizontal sections, typically on standard doors this will be four sections which make up the door ‘leaf’. The leaf is connected to springs which balance the door and make it easy to open and close. The sections rise vertically then slide cack along horizontal track to sit flat in the open position. Materials and insulation – our range comes in steel and timber. Steel doors can be either insulated or un-insulated. Un-insulated doors are made from single skin steel which is reinforced with bracings on the back of the door to give the panel more strength whereas insulated doors are made from a double steel skin construction bonded together by a foam core which creates a much more ridged panel as well as giving a quieter operation. In the case of insulated steel doors there is different options on the thickness of insulation with 45mm being the thickest available. Timber doors can be made from either Nordic pine softwood or African okoume hardwood. The timber sectional garage doors are made of multi-layer boards rather than solid timber which gives the product stability and reduces the likelihood of the leaf warping/twisting. Styles and designs – steel doors are available in ribbed and Georgian panel designs. Ribbed doors have horizontal lines or ‘ribs’ pressed in to the section surface, doors are available with different numbers of ribs per section. Georgian panel designs have a panel imprint embossed in to the surface of the sections, the size and profile of this panel varies from different manufactures. Garage Door Systems also offer a variation on the Georgain panel which is the Coach House design. The Coach House sectional doors are designed to make a modern sectional garage door look like a pair of traditional side hinged doors giving the possibility to have the practicality of a modern insulated door whilst giving a traditional appearance. There is also the choice of four surface finishes. Timber sectional doors are available in the same designs as the steel doors and also a much wider range of designs. Almost any design can be created with a timber sectional garage door, it is even possible to have custom designs. Manual and automatic – sectional garage doors come as standard prepared for automatic operation and this is by far the most common and convenient type of operation. In the case of manual operation a handle and locking is required, there is various options on handle materials and finishes. Brands – All the of the doors which we supply are designed and manufactured in Europe and come with full manufacturer’s warranty. Novoferm sectional garage doors are available as both the ISO20 and the ISO45, the number refer to both the thickness of the insulation of the panel and the type of lifting gear it uses. ISO20 uses a tension spring system and ISO45 uses a torsion spring system. Novoferm sectional doors are also available with the exclusive Novoport operator. This operator is side mounted in the track works as an integral part of the door and requires no additional headroom. Garador doors are available in Classic, Standard and Premium which refers to the section thicknesses. Classic is un-insulated, Standard is 20mm thick and Premium is 42mm thick. Garador operators are available with their Bi-Secur system which allows the user to query the door remotely to see its status (open or closed), this feature is very popular. Teckentrup sectional garage doors are an extremely good solution when headroom is low as the whole door and operator can be fitted into just 115mm of headroom. They are also able to produce very large garage doors up to 8m x 6m. Teckentrup garage doors are only available with 40mm of insulation. Garage Door Systems have many options on their lifting gear which offer clever solution to common problems such as tracks which follow the roof line and tracks with high lift (goes up further vertically). So why not call us today on 01995 498005 and speak to one of our experts about which product is right for your property. ...More

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