Trackless Sectional Garage Doors

Silvelox Overlap is the world’s first trackless sectional garage door. This new garage door has been designed from scratch to be the very best a garage door can be. Overlap works without tracks and without springs instead it uses a double counterweight system which gives a much smoother operation and the automatic operator is cleverly hidden inside the head rail leaving the space inside the garage free for you to use for storage. How does a trackless sectional door work? – The top section opens to sit horizontally, the bottom section then slides back below the top one to sit horizontally underneath it. What is it made of? – Silvelox Overlap is made of two 75mm thick Multi-ecowood sections. The internal side of the leaves come white as standard to reflect light back into the garage, the frame and lifting gear are finished in anthracite. Is there a choice of designs and finishes? – There are 12 standard designs to choose from as shown above though as with all Silvelox garage doors there is also the possibility of having custom designs. The doors can be finished in a range of timber veneers such as oak, larch, okoume or with a metal coating, there is a choice of stains, standard colours and custom colours. Is it insulating? – If insulation is a concern then the Overlap is the best on the market. The massive 75mm thick sections and heavy rubber seals mean that it gives a thermal transmittance of up to U = 1.00W/m2K for a door fitted behind the reveal. This is approximately 1/3 better than traditional sectional garage doors. Is there a warranty – This trackless sectional garage door comes with up to a 10 year warranty ...More

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Silvelox Overlap VIP

The Silvelox Overlap VIP uses a traditional vertical board effect which gives an impressive...

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Silvelox Overlap TWO

Silvelox Overlap TWO uses the finest hardwoods with a horizontal and vertical veneering combination...

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Silvelox Overlap TEX

The operation of an Overlap garage door from Silvelox is as different from the rest of the...

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Silvelox Overlap TAU

Silvelox are at the absolute pinnacle of garage door design in both terms of aesthetics and functionality

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Silvelox Overlap SPI

Silvelox Overlap SPI uses a classic wide boarded chevron design to great effect. For a garage...

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Silvelox Overlap SLOT

The distinctive bas relief design of the Silvelox Overlap SLOT brings modernism to garage doors. A...

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Silvelox Overlap SIX

Silvelox Overlap SIX gives the look of a traditional sectional with the high performance of...

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Silvelox Overlap GEO

Silvelox Overlap GEO is a luxury hardwood garage door. The contemporary cross hatch grooves...

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Silvelox Overlap EMI

Silvelox Overlap EMI is the door which looks like a traditional sectional garage doors but...

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