Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are the most cost effective and still the most popular type of garage door on offer in the UK. More often than not up and over doors are made of steel but what many people don’t realise is that there is a huge choice of materials and styles to choose from – something to suit every property. Although both classed as up and over garage doors there are two very different types of lifting gear; canopy and retractable. Retractable doors work on tracks which extend horizontally back into the garage and tension springs are on the frame legs of the door. Retractable doors are suitable for both electric and manual operation and, as such, offer the perfect solution in many applications. We recommend this type of operation for rental properties as retractable gear is generally more robust and less prone to problems. Retractable gear is also a good choice if you’ve had a canopy type door before and you’re looking for something easier to operate. All doors will come as retractable doors with an ordering size above 2438mm (8’). Canopy up and over garage doors, on the other hand, have vertical tracks on the frame legs and a torsion spring along the frame head, attaching to the garage door by cables which wind up on drums. Canopy type garage doors are only suitable for manual operation. Canopy doors and especially canopy doors which are pre-framed are very easy to install so if you are a diy installer then this could be a good option for you. Also unlike retractable doors where the opening is partially reduced by the lifting gear you get the full opening width with a canopy door. We have lots of different up and over doors at our Lancashire garage door showroom from manufacturers such as Garador, Novoferm and Cardale. We’re open Mon-Fri so why not call in and find the door that’s right for you. ...More

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Woodrite Monmouth Washford

The Woodrite Monmouth Washford oak garage door will look beautiful on traditional properties. The...

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Woodrite Monmouth Tickenham

Add the beauty of an oak garage door to your home with the Woodrite Monmouth Tickenham The...

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Woodrite Monmouth Standerwick

The subtle panelled effect of the oak Woodrite Monmouth Standerwick makes this door a favorite...

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Woodrite Monmouth Churchill

The classic design of the Woodrite Monmouth Churchill will look impressive on any traditional...

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Novoferm Vertical

With craftsman quality the Novoferm Timber Vertical garage door is the natural choice. The...

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Novoferm Thame

The cedar wood richness and the stylish elegance of the Thame Garage Door will compliment any...

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Novoferm Henley

The Novoferm Henley Garage Door with its stunning appearance would look well on any traditional...

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Novoferm Horizontal

The Novoferm Horizontal garage door is a combination of natural warmth and beauty. Made...

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