Aluminium would seem to be an obvious choice of material for the manufacture of garage doors as it is light, strong and does not rust though. At present aluminium isn’t used in as many door products as you might expect. Aluminium has been much more widely used in the past for garage doors than it currently is today as the cost of aluminium has increased and as the quality of steel doors has got better steel has forced aluminium out of the use of up and over garage doors and domestic sectional garage doors. There is however one particular type of garage door where aluminium is still very much in use, roller garage doors. Aluminium roller garage doors Aluminium is used extensively in the production of roller doors (also known as roller shutter doors). The slats that make up the curtain are made from roll formed aluminium. That slat has a double skin and a foam core which keeps the curtain relatively light in weight but also strong. The guide rails are made from aluminium extrusions which keeps the curtain true and ridged as it opens and closes on doors with full or half boxes (where the coil is either partially or fully enclosed). Roller doors come in a range of polyester coated finishes and also a huge range of foil laminate finishes such as Golden Oak and Rosewood, there is also the option have the door finished to any standard RAL colour. Some of the most secure doors we offer are aluminium roller doors such as the SeceuroGlide Excel which has Secure by Design accreditation. If you would like to see working examples of aluminium roller garage doors we have doors in our showroom for you to see and try from SWS SeceuroGlide, Novoferm and Garador. ...More

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SWS SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door

The SWS SeceuroGlide has kept its place as market leader for insulated roller garage doors...

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Novoferm Novorol Roller Garage Door

Novoferm Novorol is a feature packed insulated roller door which comes with a full box and...

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Groke 12960 Front Door

A deep grooving effect and a large stainless steel panel give the Groke 12960 an ultra modern...

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Groke 12920 Front Door

The exclusive Groke 12920 uses simple grooving and sandblasting to create a look of class on...

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Groke 12910 Front Door

Dark glazing, stainless steel panels and horizontal grooves give the Groke 12910 an ultra-modern...

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Groke 12870 Front Door

The gentle sweeping arch of the Groke 12870 gives this contemporary front door a softer look. Groke...

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Groke 12690 Front Door

The horizontal ribs with stainless steel embellishments make the Groke 12690 an impressive...

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Groke 12680 Front Door

Clean horizontal and vertical grooves give the high specification Groke 12680 aluminium front...

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Groke 12670 Front Door

The understated elegant grooves of the Groke 12670 make for a great entrance door. This door...

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