Composite doors are now by far the best selling type of new front door in the UK having overtaken PVC in recent years. Composite doors are external doors that are made up of a variety of materials to create a product that performs better than doors made of singular materials such as PVC or timber. The advantages of a composite door over a PVC one are that composite front doors look more like a like timber and are both more secure and better insulating. The advantage of a composite door over a timber door is the lack of maintenance required and for a timber door that has a comparable level of insulation and security composite is much cheaper. The doors are made up the door frame and the door leaf and is known collectively as a door set. Frame: The external frame on a composite door is PVC box section with internal reinforcing. This reinforcing varies by manufacturer but materials such as steel, aluminium and carbon fibre are popular. Door leaf: The leaf itself is made up of an internal PVC frame which is again reinforced to make the leaf ridged. The internal and external faces of the door are either PVC or GRP depending on the manufacturer. Between the two faces of the door is a solid foam core which provides the insulation and much of the strength. If security is a concern then it is possible to have a layer of wire mesh encapsulated within the foam. Composite doors come in a huge range of designs both contemporary and traditional so you’re sure to find one to suit your home. At Lakes Doors Rockdoor is our preferred supplier of composite doors. They’re manufactured locally to us and are the market leader. If you’d like to know more about composite doors just call us today, we can’t wait to hear from you. ...More

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