Glass or glazing in your garage or front door may be your requirement for aesthetic or practical reasons. Aesthetic, to match the style or design or your home or property or, because it gives a look that you like. Practical, for the simple reason that you need to get daylight into your garage or hallway. Most glazing in garage doors is, for safety reasons, polycarbonate but, some manufacturers do use safety glass. Either laminated or tempered. Laminated glass is constructed with a polythene film sandwiched between two layers of glass. This is mostly now used in car windscreens and becomes obvious when a crack ‘travels’ across the windscreen rather than allowing the glass to shatter into fragments as happens with the other safety glass, tempered. The glazing in insulated sectional doors is usually double, even the polycarbonate. Glazing in garage doors is often, but not exclusively, an option in panelled type doors. Panelled doors lend themselves especially well to glazing as a row of panels, usually near the top of the door, can be made into windows whilst retaining the basic style of the door. Some garage door manufacturers also offer a window option in some of the more contemporary linear designs. These can vary between the more traditional rectangular designs to round ‘porthole’ designs framed in stainless steel. There are many of these stainless steel framed designs on the market now. Carteck and Garador offer quite extensive ranges. All the manufacturers offer glazed garage doors within their ranges. Glazing in entrance doors has always been common. Many of the steel and aluminium entrance doors from Garador, Silvelox and Groke offer glazing options within their traditional ranges and are designed to give the appearance of a traditional door but with all the attributes of a state of the art product. The contemporary entrance doors use glass extensively. As well as glazing within the doors, glazed sidelights and transoms are also available. ...More

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