What is GRP? GRP stands for glass reinforced polyester also referred to as glass reinforced plastic and more commonly known as fibreglass. GRP has been around for well over 50 years and makes a good material for making garage doors due to its very high strength to weight ratio and natural insulation values. It is also more dent resistant than steel. The way the panel is made is a chassis is made from either steel box section or timber (sometimes a combination of both) then the GRP is overlaid on top and once it has set the chassis is encased in the GRP permanently. There are two main reasons why the people who buy fibreglass garage doors do so: 1. Their resistance to corrosion. In many coastal areas steel garage doors are just not an option as the salt and grit eat through the paint finish and galvanised layer in no time leaving you with a rusty mess that cannot be repaired. There is no steel or rivets exposed on the face of a GRP panel (it is also an option to have the back completely covered) and no joints for the weather to work its way in helping your door to keep its original finish, it is even possible to have a matching GRP frame. 2. The look of timber but without the hassle. Everyone loves the look of timber but few are prepared to maintain it like it needs to be. GRP offers a great alternative to this with a convincing wood look but far less maintenance and with such a large range of finishes going from light to dark stains there should be something for everyone. High gloss or woodgrain – GRP garage doors are available in either a smooth high gloss finish or a woodgrain finish. Types of GRP Garage Doors GRP Up and Over Garage Doors – Up and over is the most popular type of door we do in GRP and we have doors available from Garador, Cardale and Wessex. There is a wide range of designs and styles from all three manufacturers and Wessex in fact make the panels for Garador to put in their up and over door chassis. If you do live in a coastal area the Garador doors or doors from the Wessex Valiant range are not what we’d recommend as the perimeter of the steel chassis and the box section steel frame which although galvanised and powder coated can still be corroded by harsh coastal conditions. A much better option is either a Cardale door with a Plastisol frame or a Wessex door with matching GRP frame for a really long lasting solution. GRP Side Hinged Garage Doors – Side hinged doors are a great solution when the garage is not used for putting a vehicle in and GRP side hinged doors give a much wider variety of choice than steel and avoid the maintenance headaches associated with timber. We offer Wessex’s range of side hinged GRP doors that are available in a range of traditional designs in both high gloss and woodgrain effect finishes. So if you’re beside the seaside or want a garage door that looks like wood but without the hassle then GRP could be the material of choice for you. ...More

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