PVC garage doors are a great choice if you’re looking to get a good match to your white uPVC windows with a low maintenance finish. What’s the difference between PVC and uPVC? – PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and the ‘u’ stands for unplasticised. What this basically means is that PVC is harder than uPVC and so more suitable for making garage doors from. It is a common myth that the ‘u’ stands for UV-fast meaning that the product won’t discolour but this is not the case. The PVC garage doors that we supply however are UV-fast and will keep their crisp white appearance for many years to come. Our PVC garage doors are made by Garador and are a crisp clean PVC panel built on to the sturdy Garador up and over steel box section chassis. As the PVC panel is more flexible than a steel door and less brittle than a GRP door it’s great for taking life’s little knocks and is ideal for those who have kids going in and out the garage or kicking balls nearby. There are two designs in Garador’s PVC range the Sherborne and the Chatsworth, both are available with either canopy or retractable operation. Living on the coast – if you live by the sea and corrosion is your main reason for looking at other materials other than steel then the Garador PVC range would not be your best bet. The steel box section chassis is galvanised and powder coated which under normal circumstances is more than sufficient to withstand the elements but if your door is going to be exposed to aggressive atmospheric conditions such as salt and grit we would recommend ABS or GRP garage doors from the Cardale range. If you’d like to come and see a PVC garage door then we have a Garador Sherborne on display at our Lancashire garage door showroom as well as many other products. ...More

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