Steel is the most widely used material used for the manufacture of garage doors. Most types of garage doors are available in steel. The reason it is such a popular option is that manufacturers are able to create a strong, secure, whilst relatively light weight product that is also cost effective. Modern steel garage doors are far superior to those of the past. Gone are the days of steel doors being supplied only in a primer coat, with unpainted bracing on the back of the door and, of necessity, fitted to a timber frame. Modern steel doors are galvanised, are available fully finished with many doors available with maintenance free finishes such as foil laminates and British Steel’s HP200. Steel Up and Over Garage Doors Up and over garage doors are as popular as ever. Steel doors are still the best seller of all the up and over doors, they being the best option when looking for a long lasting, reliable, great value door. When ordering an up and over garage door it is best to specify a factory fitted steel frame. This is far more durable and rot resistant than the traditional timber frames. Garador, Novoferm and Cardale all offer fully finished paint options on their doors that will not require painting for many years. Unless affected by sea air, probably decades.. Garador and Cardale also offer wood effect foil finish laminates on some of their steel garage doors which provide a good match to the many upvc foil laminate windows. Up and over doors are most are better value in single size widths. When a larger, double garage door is the requirement steel sectional garage doors become a better option both in cost and efficiency. Steel Sectional Garage Doors Steel sectional garage doors are made from galvanised pre-finished steel sections (the paint is applied to the steel before manufacture of the garage door). These doors are available as either single skin un-insulated sections or, double skin insulated sections either 20mm, 42mm, and 45mm thickness. Some manufacturers even offer 80mm thick insulated sections. When supplying a sectional garage door in a colour other than white; Novoferm, Garador and Garage Door Systems all use a pre-finished white set of panels and paint them the required colour. Carteck whereas, stock pre-finished steel in their standard Trend colour range which can give a better quality finish e.g. a red door is a red door not a white door painted red. As with up and over doors; sectional garage doors are also available in foil laminate options, again pre-finished. As well as wood effect laminates, there are also more contemporary laminate options such as Novoferm’s Titan Metallic finish which gives a stainless steel effect. Steel sectional doors are available in very large sizes, up to 8m x 6m. These very large domestic sectional garage doors utilise industrial sectional door lifting gear. Steel Roller Garage Doors Steel roller garage doors operate on a very simple principle. They are manufactured from a continuous sheet of steel which has roll formed corrugations in it which allows the door to coil up around an axle whilst giving vertical strength. The doors are counterbalanced with springs. These are connected to the axle making this type of door very easy to open and close. The steel roller door sold by Lakes Garage Doors is made in the UK by Garage Door Systems. The outer door surface is coated with British Steel’s HP200, also known as Plastisol which is a PVC coating available in a range of colours. Plastisol is a very tough and durable finish. Steel roller doors are available either as a manual or an automatic garage door, however; automatic insulated aluminium roller doors can provide better value if an automatic garage door is the requirement. Steel Side Hinged Garage Doors Steel side hinged garage doors are a modern equivalent to traditional timber garage doors. They offer a great solution for those who will not be putting a car in the garage and want quick and easy access. Lakes Garage Doors offer two types of steel side hinged doors – single skin and double skin. Our single skin side hinged doors are made by Garador in their state of the art garage door plant in Yeovil. The side hinged doors are built on to same sturdy box chassis as the up and over doors and are available in many of the same styles and colour options. The double skin insulated side hinged doors are manufactured in the UK by Carteck utilising the same insulated panels as their sectional garage doors which creates a very robust product. The Carteck comes complete with an extruded aluminium box section frame and is available in any of the Carteck Trend colours as well as custom colour options. As you can see the choice of steel garage doors is huge. If you would like to see and try any of the types of doors mentioned above we have working examples of them all at our Lancashire showroom. ...More

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