‘Contemporary’, an adjective used in relation to garage doors means; ‘of the present time’, or more simply, modern and current. Considered contemporary now are the much simpler designs such as the plainer horizontals and verticals. Very popular and relatively recent are the smooth finish, sectional garage doors with no ribs at all except for the joint between the sections. Good examples of this type of door are: • Garador Linear Large Sectional Garage Door with the Silkgrain finish. • Novoferm ISO45 Flush Smooth Sectional Garage Door • Carteck Solid Sectional Garage Door with a Plain finish You will see when you look at the details of these doors that they are basically the same. Differences between them are mostly in the mechanical details of the lifting gear but the panels or the door leaf are basically the same with thicknesses only varying by 5mm. Also popular and current is the Wide Rib, also described by the manufactures as the Medium Rib The sectional garage door itself could be considered contemporary. Although the sectional garage door has been available in the UK for around 40 years, originally imported from the United States of America, it has in the last decade seen a big increase in popularity. A larger and larger proportion of new garage doors installed are the sectional type. The humble up and over garage door has not been excluded from the contemporary treatment. Garador in particular have led the way in this respect The Design Range is very modern and striking. At the top end of the garage door market, both in price and sophistication are Silvelox Garage Doors. Whilst some of the designs may be considers traditional, most are modern. It is not just in the style and pattern that the doors are contemporary; the Silvelox Duo Sectional is unique and innovative. It has no horizontal tracks taking up space in the garage. As well as the contemporary doors on offer from the manufacturers, architects can use Lakes Garage Doors to have a contemporary garage door made to their own design using our Bespoke Garage Door service. ...More

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Rockdoor Stable Doors

The Rockdoor Stable Doors are acknowledged as the best on the market. They are manufactured in...

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Rockdoor Classic

If you need more light in your hallway; this is the door. The Rockdoor Classic will give a...

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Rockdoor Vermont

The Rockdoor Vermont is another new design from the top Rockdoor Ultimate range. Although contemporary...

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Rockdoor Vogue

Stand out from the crowd with a contemporary Rockdoor Vogue. Industry leading insulation and...

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Garador FGS 850 Front Door

The new Garador FGS 850 brings a touch of the avant garde to the FrontGuard range. Garador...

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Garador FGS 750 Front Door

Garador FGS 750 is part of the highly insulating FrontGuard Plus range. Garador FGS 750 Insulation The...

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Novoferm ISO 45 Large Rib

The Novoferm ISO 45 Large Rib is one of our most popular insulated sectional doors. The large...

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Novoferm ISO 45 Flush

In recent years the Novoferm ISO 45 Flush has become an increasingly popular contemporary...

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Novoferm ISO 20 Large Rib

The Novoferm ISO 20 Large Rib is a very popular door. It blends well with most properties....

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