Wood Look

The term, ‘Timber Look Garage Door’, or ‘Wood Look Garage Door’ usually refers to what is called a foil finish garage door. The foil or as it is sometimes referred to, the laminate, is applied to the steel of a garage door. This laminate is the same material that is applied to upvc windows to give the same woodgrain effect. It is intended that they be a match for the modern woodgrain windows. The foil is laminated on to the raw product, galvanised steel, and is received at the garage door manufacturer in this state, either as a flat panel for up and over doors or on a roll for the manufacture of sectional garage doors or single skin roller garage doors. The only difference from this would be for insulated aluminium roller doors. In this case the foil is applied to each individual aluminium lath or slat prior to being assembled into roller garage doors. The foil coated sheet steel is sufficiently pliable to be pressed in a mould to form the various patterns and styles of garage door. This may be any of the fielded panel Georgian designs or the more contemporary simple horizontal designs such as, the narrow medium and wide rib designs. Each manufacturer has a different description for these horizontal designs but they are basically all the same. More of these woodgrain designs are coming available all the time to keep pace with the ever expanding range of colours from the window manufacturers. Originally there was just Mahogany. Golden Oak then became available and now Rosewood has largely replaced the Mahogany. Dark Oak, Medium Oak and Night Oak have been available for some time now. Irish Oak has more recently become available from some manufacturers. This is the colour that is now becoming increasingly popular in the window market; a very pale oak. All the garage door manufacturers produce foil or laminate finish doors. ...More

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Garador Georgian Sectional

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Novoferm Novorol Roller Garage Door

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Novoferm ISO 45 Horizontal Rib

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Novoferm ISO 45 Large Rib

The Novoferm ISO 45 Large Rib is one of our most popular insulated sectional doors. The large...

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Novoferm ISO 45 Flush

In recent years the Novoferm ISO 45 Flush has become an increasingly popular contemporary...

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Novoferm ISO 45 Panelled

Lakes Garage Doors have been distributors and installers of Novoferm garage doors since their...

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